Free Wine Shiipers Columbus, OH area

Not sure if this needs to be moved to another forum, but I have about 10-12 case shipping containers that I am happy to give to anyone who needs them otherwise I will be trashing them by next Monday. If you are interested just PM me.

I have been taking mine to a local online shop and he is happy to get them. I asked a few days ago and have another bunch to drop off. [thankyou.gif]

Are yours styro or pulp?
Pulp can be recycled.
Styro can be recycled in some cities.
Or, as noted above, call a few local wine shops who sell online, and one of them is likely to take them.
Phil Jones

My local wine shop used to take them off my hands for re-use (assuming good condition of the styrofoam components). They stopped when their carrier (think UPS, but maybe FedEx too) indicated that they would no longer cover damage of shipments shipped in used shippers. They are a hassle to get rid of due to their bulk.