Free Vintage Chart iphone app from Wine Spectator

I got an email from K&L today that mentioned this free vintage chart for the iphone.

It would be nice if it was also available for other phones. I’m not a walled garden person." onclick=";return false;

Thanks for the heads up !
The idea is very nice but the ratings… ?
I have never subscribed to WS and don’t really know who is responsible for Italy (Suckling?) but rating 2003 in Chianti Classico 91 compared to 89 in 2004 ?
And Piedmont 2000 - 100 points, carried away by the millenium wave ?
The 99 score for Brunello 1997 also seems like it hasn’t been adjusted since the hype over the vintage just after release. IMO time has taught us a different story and I think that many of the '97 Brunelli fail to deliver on the potential they initially exhibited. Perhaps the app just reflects the scores on release without adjusting for subsequent feedback ?
Does the WA have a similar app? - would be nice since Galloni’s palate is more in sync with mine than WS’s rater.