Free styro wine shippers - Belmont, MA

Approx. 24 styro shippers, from singles to full cases. First come first served - take 'em all if you want. They are on the sidewalk at the corner of Fairview and Worcester in Belmont, MA.

Not that I need any shippers, but I grew up in Belmont but can’t remember what part of town that is? near Payson Park? I grew up on Winn Street.

You should hook up with some of us Boston area bezerker’s sometime.

Calling Peter C.!! You always seem to need shippers. It gives you an excuse to go by that wine shop in Belmont Center, Vintages?

Yep, between Payson Park and Grove St Park.

Still a few left!

I’ll take anything smaller than a case if you’ve still got em?

Gerry has a good idea, maybe a Kitchen on the Common offline?

Yes, but last time I got stood up [scratch.gif]