Free burgundy app with Pitiot Maps

nb: I can only get it to work in French even though they claim English as well.

Thanks for this! Looks great…

Cool app. I let the app use my current location. I guess it figures if I’m in the U.S., I want English.

This is an excellent find. Thank you!

Also, it is in English by default for me (thankfully!).

Thanks, that will be the secret but will be a nuisance when using it in France !

Thanks Anthony
very cool

I let it use my location and still loaded everything in French - looks cool though. Need to figure out how to get back to English.

Tanunda is the Beaune of the Southern Hemisphere so I guess that’s why mine loaded in French.

This is rocking. The maps seem to be done in some vector format so you can run it in 2x mode on an iPad and zoom in on them and they look great even on a Retina iPad.

One thing I would love would be a search function where you could enter a name and have the app find the commune and display a cursor centred on the map instead of scanning every patch in the commune to try and find an obscure lieu-dit or climat.