FredianiVnyd Article

Rather interesting article on the Frediani Vnyd by KelliWhite in Vinous:

It states that all the Frediani grapes now go to ConnCreek and Relic. I know that JCCllrs used to take Frediani grapes…but I guess not anymore.

Has some very neat pics.


Thanks for the link, Tom. I remember that Matthew Rorick made a Forlorn Hope Valdiguié from Al Frediani’s vineyard a few years ago, but that may have been a one-time thing for him, not sure.

Very cool.

I have a small vertical of J.C. Cellars Petite Sirah from Frediani – 1998 - 2005, I think – that I’m waiting to come ripe. Should be ready in another 10-15 years. I think the vertical ended when J.C. Cellars stopped getting the fruit.

Anyone try the Relic Petite Sirah from Frediani?

Upon first reading, my question was, “Which side of the family will Ms White be talking about?” The answer became immediately apparent: BOTH!

Great read, and I can’t help but address a slightly OT point, here.

Relic bottles several wines from Al’s vineyard, I believe. “The Archive Carignan” is split with Petite Sirah. This concerns me, as I can’t imagine how Carignan can stand up to the Big-ness of PS.

This same Blend is found in the Vending Machine Winery’s “Squawking Parrot” (50% Carignan/50% Petite Sirah). I wonder, did one influence the other? Is this a common blend?

Anyway, I am delighted that Al Fediani’s old vineyards in Calistoga are getting attention. Jim’s property is also fascinating, if not as ancient.