Freaky Friday: On a Night Where Jay Hack and Alfert Share Palates at Bern's

Remember that silly movie where Jamie Less Curtis and Lindsay Lohan switch bodies? I swear I never watched it, but do get the premise.

I just had that moment with Hack. It’s as if his big slobbery tongue was surgically implanted in my mouth.

Think of Hack as the Hollywood starlet, like Curtis, aging gracefully. I use my artistic license here. I’m the younger, hotter, sluttier actor, of course. So I pull another impromptu at Bern’s. I’m in town for some business with my 18-year-old son in tow - you know, for some father-son bonding - get done by 4:30. As I’m on the traffic-riddled highway, I pass the Bern’s exit. I have 2 hours to drive, I’m hungry, traffici is ugly, kid is hungry, I make an executive decision, boom I’m exit bound.

Getting a rezzie at Bern’s on a Friday is near-impossible last minute. But, us locals know you can show early and grab a bar table. Drive up at 4:45, seated by 5 PM, perfect.

So I started with a 1975 Mondavi Zinfandel, all of $9.85 by the glass, while I peruse the wine menu for a nice, mature Bordeaux. Blind, I’d call this a nice Northern Medoc with 25+ years on it. Ridiculous value, delish.

Ordered a 1964 Chateau La Dominique. I’ve had really nice success at Bern’s with their '64s, and this is a lovely right bank vintage. Sadly, the wine was DOA. A rich, sweet sherry mess, burnt sugar, butterscotch and caramel.

Flipping through the book looking for 375s, I stumble across a 1962 Delas Freres Hermitage Cuvee Marquis de la Tourette. What the heck, I pull the trigger, recalling I had a wonderful Cornas from the 1960s some time back (estate name escapes me now). While waiting for it to arrive, I check out CT, and none other than Jay Hack is gushing all over this wine. So knowing his love of Saxum, I shudder, start to sweat. But, his note is really excellent, detailed.

Perfect condition, quite vibrant. Killer acidity, citrus, blood orange. More on the red spectrum of fruits from my perspective, than the plummy notes that Jay references. Runs the gammut of earthy expressions, forrest floor, minerals, iron, dried mushrooms. The intensity of red fruits and citrus is singing, stays vibrant over the course of the next hour. Tannins entirely resolved. A truly lovely, medium-bodied expression of Northern Rhone syrah. While not a block-buster by any stretch, it is such a treat to enjoy a perfectly mature - admittedly, this one is on the back-slope - lovely, classic French red. Paired quite well with a rare/medium rare, 9 ounce Chateaubriand.

Great post. Love the “start to sweat” comment!

You mean this wine?

  • 1962 Delas Frères Hermitage Marquise de la Tourette - France, Rhône, Northern Rhône, Hermitage (12/9/2010)
    WOW! From a 375 at Bern’s steakhouse in Tampa. Popped and poured without dec anting because the sommelier was a bit concerned that it might fade after a decant. In retrospect, I do not think it would have. A cascade of flavors. The principal flavors were cassis and plum, with the plum coming out stronger as it gained air. There was a bit of cherry, with earthiness and forest mushrooms to go with the fruit. The finish was long. I poured the last little bit from the bottle with the dregs into my glass and left it there throughout the meal. It added more and more fruit as it opened up, ending with an aroma of plum jam. The color was quite light for a syrah, but that’s a function of age. I ordered this just as a curiosity because I have never had a 48 year old Hermitage. When I was younger, I never bought Hermitage because it was supposed to be at least 30 years before it was ready, and when I was age 26, that might as well be forever. This wine was probably $5 or less on release, and with patience, it has become a great treat. (96 pts.)

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Not as good as the three SQNs I had this week,but still outstanding.

Yes indeed, sir! Got quite a chuckle. Would have enjoyed popping that with you.

Jack Hack?

Oops . . . .


Darn, I’m jealous.

Not a big drive from O-town to Tampa?

Jack Hack has a great ring to it! Just hope he’s not a Jets fan :slight_smile:



I was expecting it!

Going to Bern’s in a month for the first time. Getting excited.

We need an “I’m drunk here” emoticon.

Did the sommelier tasted it? Did you have to pay full even it was sherry?
Is buying an old bottle a risk like “if you open, you pay for it?”
Curious as how to approach a bad bottle.

Yes, we do!

Toddler, Cab you commission this special project please? Bill it to Fu.

The waiter served it. I always watch their faces while they go through the opening and decanting process. He kept swirling and smelling before serving. I could tell he was not sure. The nose was quite candied, Sherried, not stinky or rotten. Just maderized. I told him that immediately but said let’s give it ten minutes. It fell apart, and by then, he could clearly tell. They take it back, as they should, with no issue. I will say, my miss rate here is very light. Order without concern at this place.

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little over an hour

Nice write up R

Thanks for those 2 notes on '62 Delas.

Anyone knows if Delas Les Bessards was part of Hermitage Marquise de la Tourette in '62?

Sorry, I misread the title and imagined you guys doing Pilates in one of the Bern’s dining rooms.

Bummer about the La Dominique, 1964 right banks were supposedly quite good, but I’ve only had maybe one or two over the years, and those were too tired. Just out of curiousity - does Berns have older wines at the sub $100 price points?

I got stuck at some mention of Mr. Hack’s big slobbery tongue going somewhere…oh dear. [wow.gif]

That reminds me. One of my partner’s sons bumped into Gronk in Barcelona a few days ago and got some photos I will have to send to you.