Frappato recs other than Occhipinti and COS?

I absolutely love ethereal, red fruited wines and enjoy Occhipinti’s Frappato. It’s made me want to explore the grape much more and I know COS makes a great one as well. What other producers aside from Occhipinti and COS would you recommend?

I had the '16 Planeta last night and it was pretty decent. The acid was great but the fruit seemed slightly advanced for this age. Purchased retail at the Specs warehouse so storage may have been suboptimal.

i have liked some of the wines from Cante Barbera in sicily. She makes a Frappato named Fuorizona

There are several, with styles diverging to pretty minor degrees. Check out Avide, and Valle dell’Acate Vittoria Il Frappato, see what you think. Both are traditional in style, both great values.

+1 on the Valle dell’Acate, great value like Tim says. I’ll have to look for the Avide.

+2 on Valle dell’Acate, and I’ll add that their Cerasuolo is also a bonkers good daily drinker.

Look out for Centonze. Should be well under $20.

Tami (Occhipinti second label) is also worth considering. Doesn’t have the depth of her regular bottling but for <$20 it’s a good QPR.

Many thanks.

Paolo Cali — all of his wines, various frappatos and blends. Great wines and a really nice guy!