Frankfurt restaurant recommendations

We’re visiting Frankfurt and Paris in a week. I’m looking for some recommendations for restaurants with a great wine menu or any restaurants recommendations. Not looking for anything uber fancy though.

Read through a few Paris threads so have plenty of places to try but didn’t see much for Frankfurt.

Thanks in advance!


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It’s not a wine restaurant in the usual sense, but I recommend Atschel, which is in the Sachsenhausen district south of the river. It’s a restaurant that specializes in Apfelwein (or apple wine), the traditional local drink. It’s like a hard apple cider, but a bit different. Some people say it’s an acquired taste, but I really like it. They also have traditional dishes like Frankfurter Schnitzel, which is a schnitzel with an herbed sour cream sauce known as “Grüne Soße”. It’s a great way to try some delicious regional specialties.

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Looks like it’s maybe closed due to water damage. Sounds interesting.


I reached out to Heimat for a reservation. Looks pretty awesome.

Not far from Frankfurt is one of our favorite hotels/restaurants - Schlosshotel Kronberg. We’ve dined and stayed many times in this wonderful castle - the last time in Dec 2019 just before Covid. Worth the drive.