Franck Balthazar Vin de France Saignee de Chaillot

Is anyone familiar with this wine? I thought I had just gotten a good deal on the Chaillot, but it is a totally different wine (which I didn’t get so hot a deal on). Here is a photo of it at SommPicks:

Would particularly appreciate any advice regarding drinking windows versus the regular Chaillot. Should this wine be treated like an expensive Cote du Rhone?

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Is it just them bleeding off wine for more concentration and extraction? Reminds me of what Evening Land did during the fires making a Beaujolais Nouveau type thing with brief skin contact.

I’ve never had it, Shan, but I’d expect an easy-to-drink poolside sipper that might be best served with a slight chill.

The “Vin de France” should have been a tip-off.

These are some special cuvées that Balthazar does with his agent in Savoie.

There is also a blanc, Perjak, which was kind of a mistake that turned out into a nice little wine.

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Several Google notes indicate this is a Rose of his Cornas Syrah:

Not sure if Cornas rules allow a Rose, so perhaps that is why the VdF designation.


For the 2020 vintage, Franck Balthazar tried his hand at producing a few drops of rosé from his beautiful Syrah vines. When tasting we are clearly on a light red, halfway between a light red and a rosé. The nose is very seductive and delicious with notes of red fruits and a beautiful floral palette. The palate is light and airy with a particularly pleasant velvet texture. A great wine for this spring with an ultra-elegant presentation!

Producer Franck Balthazar
Production mode Organic cultivation
Type of wine Light red
Vintage 2020
Production region Northern Rhône
Appellation Wine of France
Original terroir(s) Granite hillsides above the village of Cornas
Winemaking and aging Cornas bleeding. Very little sulphite. Aging in vats.
Grape variety Syrah
Guard Ten years
Alcoholic degree
Capacity 75cl
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I d had several bottles. It’s a nice enough light red / dark rose. Not worth going out of one’s way for though.

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To drink immediately? Or is it possible to age a little?

I think mine were 2019 or 2020. I don’t imagine they would get better.

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From Franck himself via email:
*La saignée de C is a bleending which is done at the start of vinification, it’s the very first juice in the vat coming from Chaillot, it’s to br drunk within 5/6 years. ‌Bleeding means taking part of the juice before fermentation. *