France Green Lights Anti-Hail Nets

Not an inexpensive way of protecting against hail, but they realize something has to be done to protect the crops . . .

wonderful reasonableness

100 years from now, obsessed wine geeks will debate the terroir implications of the pre and post hail net eras!

Long live Hailoir champagne.gif

But it’s not Natural! neener

Nets have been used in Canada for years to protect icewine grapes from being eaten by hungry birds. It is really common sense to try and protect a valuable crop like Burgundy grapes. Would be nice if there were a temporary way to deploy the nets when there is a weather warning, but that is not probably practical.

Nets are used in Germany against birds, too, at least in the Ahr Valley. I remember seeing many plots covered in blue netting, and I recall someone saying that the nets were used particularly for Fruhburgunder, a variant of pinot that ripens early. Evidently the birds are drawn to that grape.

Do they make a Frühlese out of that?

By then the vines will probably be Grenache [snort.gif] [wink.gif]

100 years?!?

According to Chester Osburn it will happen in less than 20!

I offered a bet of a case of 2038 La Tache (Pinot Noir) that he would be wrong.

This made me smile. When does one drink a Spät Früh?