Foursight Wines Visit Notes

First off, sincere apologies for the delay in posting this. Blame it on baby brain?? Anyway, many people have noted the wonderful treatment at Foursight in Anderson Valley on this forum, but they deserve a special mention again in that regard.

Joe invited us to check out the wines and provided a ton of additional info about AV that I was not previously aware of (and it’s the one place I think I really know…). We were able to try the Sauv Blanc, Semillon, and several Pinot Noirs (the Zero Oak and the Charles). He was an incredible host, very gracious, and we really appreciated the time and effort on his part. I can now claim to have tasted just about every AV pinot out there!

On to the wines… The Pinot Noirs had what I find typical of the Boonville area vineyards. Sappy red fruits, a little bit of savory notes, and when made well like these, a lively balance of fruit and acid. I was able to compare new and older vintages of the Zero Oak (2012 and 2017/18) and found the 2012 very fresh and bright, almost identical to the new release versions. My preference in the Pinots went for the Charles Vineyard, which does receive some new oak treatment. The wine came off a bit richer, with a bit more depth. No sacrifice on the acid and balance though! Got to compare several vintages and really enjoyed the 2016 the most IIRC. I have liked a lot of 2016 and 2018 wines from AV, and these fit that pattern nicely.

The standout wine overall for me was the Semillon. The Sauv Blanc was also quite enjoyable, but the Semillon really nailed it. This makes me think of the Semillon from Yorkville just down the road, but I would take the Foursight for the win in a standoff. Really nice concentration and depth of fruit with a sturdy spine. Call this the surprise of the visit!

Thanks to Joe and we hope to return in 2021!

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Glad you made it by, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I enjoy opening library wines for berserkers new to us to get a better/quicker grasp at what were aiming for with our estate vineyard. The Semillon is a very unique wine that has a equally unique following. The first event I have ever been to where I was asked more about Semillon than an other wine was last years Anderson Valley White Wine Festival. We might even plant some more as currently we only grow it along the fence line around half the vineyard. 2020 production was down due to frost damage I only got 2 barrels, 4-6 is more normal. We keep a good chunk of library wine and have offered 10 and 4 year verticals over the last couple years.

Let me know when your headed back this way, happy to pour and chat again.

Nice notes! Reminds me of a visit I made to Foursight in summer 2017.
Foursight visit, August 2017