FOUR great offers from Jemrose (our most recent Featured Winery) Free Shipping offer

Those of you who did not get to sample Jemrose wines during our last Winery Feature in December should be shot, or banned, or both. However, Jim Mack is willing to give you a second chance, and I’m too busy to ban all of you, so here’s your shot at trying his wines, which are absolutely worth trying, and I say this with confidence. Years ago I recall being impressed with Jemrose Viognier, as essentially my favorite domestic Viognier. I also have enjoyed his Cardiac Hill Syrah, but then, through the Winery Feature, I was able to try Gloria’s Gem, and here is my note - (use Neal Mollen’s favorite function - the search function - and you’ll have no shortage of tasting notes on Jemrose wines, both from the Feature and just general enjoyment, much of it at the hands of Frank Murray III of Falltacular fame)

So, essentially, you can’t go wrong with ANY of these offers, and I’m fortunate enough to have personal experience trying each of them, and enjoying each of them immensely. Once the wedding budget is clear, I’m getting more Jemrose!

Note that Jim decided to put them in an odd order - 1, 2, 4, and 3. Just humor him…

The offers:

Offer #1- The Viognier Vitalizer
Three bottles of Jemrose Egret Pond Viognier- Two bottles of the 2010 vintage and one preview bottle of our 2011 Egret Pond Viognier which has not yet been released. Normally $96 Berserker Price $69.

Offer #2- The Cardiac Arrest
Three bottles of Jemrose Cardiac Hill Syrah- Two bottles of the 2009 vintage and one preview bottle of our 2010 Cardiac Hill Syrah which has not yet been released. Normally $114 Berserker Price $79

Offer #4- The Foggy Feast
Three bottles of Jemrose Foggy Knoll Grenache- Two bottles of the 2009 vintage and one preview bottle of our 2010 Foggy Knoll Grenache. Normally $114 Berserker Price $79

Offer#3- The Gloria’s Grab
Two bottles of Jemrose Gloria’s Gem Proprietary Blend- One bottle of the 2009 vintage and one preview bottle of our 2010 Gloria’s Gem which has not yet been released. Normally $130 Berserker Price $89

Free shipping on orders of six or more bottles.

To order simply go to the Jemrose web site: and type in the promotion code BERSERK when you place the order.

I participated and the Viognier was fantastic and i’m not much of a Viognier fan, all of the wines were quite good, nice offer! [cheers.gif]

Great deal, thanks!

In for Viognier and Grenache.

I really enjoyed the syrah during the monthly feature tasting fwiw. Gret price here too.

Way too good an offer to pass up. I’m in for the Syrah and Grenache.

Got the cardiac and foggy deal with the free shipping…so sweet.

In for the Vitalizer and the Cardiac, haven’t tried yet, great deal [cheers.gif]

So far, I’m in for a cdase of Egret Pond Viognier. A total no-brainer.
I’ll probably stop back for another purchase.


Sorry about the mix up on numbering the offers. 1,2,3,4. I think I got it!


Bump for love of the Viognier.

Opened up a 2008 foggy knoll and a 2006 Rayas CdP for giggles at the Seattle offline today, fun! Tried to do this a few weeks afo, but the Rayas was corked! Drinking the last of the 2008 Foggy as I type, looking forward to the case of Jemrose I ordered this morning!

Rayas… [worship.gif] …so good!

Come on over, I’ll be happy to share some with you, my friend.

Right on! Sounds like a plan!

Caved and went in for the Viognier, final purchase of the evening. Great way to end the night, as I don’t think my CC could take anymore!

Ok, so,… I got two 3 packs from jemrose too.

Thanks jemrose.

Good for you! This is probably my favorite CA Viognier, just love it.

And it’s just a steal at this price, especially with free shipping(!). Very generous of Jemrose to extend these offers to WB. [cheers.gif]

Great Vio for sure - but even better people. Jim and Gloria are truly passionate about what they do, and about sharing their passion with others. Nuf said . . .

I’m in so much trouble…but I couldn’t pass up the six pack!

Same with jemrose. I’d like to know when shipping is expected to start so I can be on the lookout. Thanks