Founders kbs

This was released in Chicago today, is it that goof that its worth hunting down ?

Yes, but you can still get better stouts than KBS, I’m a little over the whole hype.

If you can find it at msrp it is worth it in my view. I picked up 2 bottles at WF for 5.99 each and didn’t have to wait in line or deal with any neckbeards.

I ended up with six bottles at MSRP so ill let them sit with my BCBS and do a couple of tastings eventually

KBS’ adjuncts don’t age that well. If you want to taste the coffee drink em sooner rather than later.

I’d have to agree, we had a 750ml of CBS last spring (maybe 5 to 7 years old) that was DOA. The same night we had a GI “Rare” and all the pappy-ness had left the bottle. a few years ago the GI brewmaster at the time put out a video that said drink the variants early to catch all of what made them variants.

here is the link to the video

I’d have to agree!

I don’t like KBS at all. To me, it’s completely unbalanced, overwhelmed by booze and bourbon character. More for everyone else, I guess. There are countless other stouts I would rather have that can be easily purchased at any time.


I am not a huge fan to start with but I enjoy a little glass. But once they get age on them, they are undrinkable.

I did have the Canadian BS once on tap and I recall enjoying that.


My go to shop got 5 cases, and limited to 1 bottle per customer at $8. I ended up getting one bottle at night and another on my way to work in the morning. Another shop only got a single case and I missed getting one bottle there.
Had it several times on tap in the past month, and wish I could have gotten a few more bottles.

Hold them for a year and then they are amazing for another 1-2 years. You are just missing the window IMO…too early and too late.

I’ve only tried it once in July last year, and I’d have to agree with those that thought it was unbalanced. The bourbon and oak influence was way over the top for me and I much preferred the Big Luscious. I had assumed that a couple of years aging might sort out the balance issues but from what has already been said, apparently not. I haven’t been particularly interested in seeking more out as it costs a lot of money over here.

Pretty spectacular on draft if you can find it…for some reason. It’s probably overhyped now so expectations might need to be adjusted accordingly.

big ass boozy stouts are better on draft cause it’s less boozy. Just like most sours tend to be better in bottle than draft due to the inverse.

It’s been quite a few year since I scored some, but today is a good day. Good price and very little effort!

had some on tap yesterday. Definitely less boozy on tap. Also the temperature really helps out with drinking it as it’s not as harsh and alcoholic. The adjuncts are a bit muted on tap but it’s pretty good on tap regardless.

At Whole Foods, a few guys already had some and were comparing to previous years. Said the 2016 was less boozy, and less coffee. They all seemed to agree that they liked this years version better than the last two.

Along with getting a 4-pack, got to have some on draft. Was definitely on the sweet and chocolatey side. Was not hot. I enjoyed it.

Stumbled upon 2 bottles at a local grocery today. First time catching the bottles in the wild. I think this was a great beer and ahead of its time several years ago, but at this point many breweries have just caught up.

Took home the store limit of one 12 oz bottle from a local bottle shop, which I was greatful to get, and then today stumbled upon and nabbed a four pack for $18 at Kroger. No rhyme or reason to booze distribution sometimes.

Drinking one that my nephew gave me.
Gift beer is the best beer!

I recently tried one from last year’s release, so almost exactly one year old. I did think the alcohol had integrated a bit, but it was still nothing I would spend money and storage space on.