Forklift Fail at Mollydooker - MERGED

Never had it but I’d certainly give it a go! I just hope whoever serves it to me has some of those little chocolate sprinkles handy! [highfive.gif]

I guess food handling laws are different overseas because if there is an accident like this in the US none of the product can be salvaged for sale.
Case in point: I have a friend who owns a tow service. One day/evening he had to do a recovery of a big rig loaded with Heineken mini kegs that slipped off the road and rolled down a hillside near Calistoga. They had to offload the trailer before the recovery. He had a trailer full of undamaged Heineken kegs (1,000+) in his warehouse for months. The insurance co had the product destroyed. (wink wink)

Is the insurance off how much it cost them to make the wine or the retail price of the wine?

Obviously, I haven’t seen the policy, but I would imagine the insurable value of the wine would be the price/value of the wine as sold by the insured party.

I will also share Brian Loring’s sentiments. I realize that it’s fashionable in some parts to diss Australian wines in general, or Mollydooker in particular. If you don’t care for MD or the Velvet Glove, that’s your call. Personally, I feel badly for Sparky, who is a genuinely nice and enthusiastic fellow.


I’m surprised and disheartened that many of you are taking this as an opportunity to bash Mollydooker wines rather than empathizing with the winemaker. This isn’t about money, it’s about a years worth of work of a talented man wrecked in one accident. How would any of you feel if you worked at your lifes passion for a year only to have the end result destroyed?
I think i need to find another wine board…

Would anyone be objecting to blck humor if, say, Lady GaGa’s entire set and wardrobe were destroyed by a swarm of locusts while setting up for GaGaPalooza? There would be five pages of jokes and the loss would be just as real to those involved.

“Tradgedy is when I stub my toe, comedy is when you slip and fall down a manhole…” Mel Brooks

If we had to take everything so serious in life and never have a sense of humor we’d all have to be ::>insert name of boring stodgy group here<:: pileon

Conspiracy theory, anyone?

Report that 1/3 of the wine was destroyed… raises awareness and creates demand… sell rest of wine at higher prices. Or perhaps they are having trouble moving their wines at inflated prices to begin with?

At the risk of being called out for a lack of sensitivity: I mean, c’mon! I realize that people have a livelihood here, and I realize that someone could have been hurt, and I realize that some people like this product, and I realize that surely there are some nice people involved in the making of this product, and I realize that above all else it considered such bad taste to suggest that one wine might actually be better than another, or that a wine might actually be objectively bad, and I realize that making a qualitative statement about wine here without attaching a four page disclaimer about people’s feelings will be met with personal and heartfelt outrage of the highest order, but… But I’ve had the Mollydooker product before, and it ain’t good. And he’s selling $200/bottle wine, so I’m betting the insurance ducks are in a row. So if you want to make a joke, about the Mollydooker shake (good one) or about Jay Miller (another good one), a mochaccino, or something about six tons of pancakes, or maybe something else entirely, it probably shouldn’t be made to look like you just pushed an old lady out of the way for a cab. Oh, and the suicide thing was good too.

Bunch’a sensitive dames around these parts.

P.S. Yes, it would be a much bigger tragedy if the wine was Mugnier or Pepiere. Somehow I felt like you knew that when you asked.


Mr. Powers wins @ internetz

You want f’ing sadness, I’ll give it to you. My gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, whom I raised from little seedlings in January, and are now big giant fat Brandywines, Purple Cherokees, Black Krims, etc. are being eaten by my friendly neighborhood black squirrel (not being racialist) and his concubine gray squirrel. I’ve watered these babies, trained the vines, gently supported them. They are now beauties, the biggest weighing in at 3 lbs. Nasty f’ing squirrel comes takes one bite on each of my beauties just when they are turning color and the ants move in for the kill. I am furious…where’s my sympathy. Or, as Ronnie (Nicolas Cage) said in Moonstruck: “I don’t care! I’m not some freaking monument to justice. I lost my hand, I lost my bride. Johnnie has his hand, Johnnie has his bride, you want me to take my heartache, put it away and forget it!”

I feel your pain. When I moved in here, I placed orchids (Oncidium, Dendrobium, Encyclia, etc.) in a big Avocado tree in the backyard. The idea is that the plants, which are epiphytic in nature, will spread to cover the limbs. But the squirrels promptly ate the orchids. I tried a half dozen times over the next year or two, with the same result. A friend who lives over on the beach thought this was the funniest thing he’d ever heard of… his trees were festooned with orchids. I got an email form him a couple of years later – the neighborhood squirrels had developed a taste for orchids and were ravaging his. He was sure it was karma for laughing (howling, even) at my plight.

PS: Moonstruck… that was one of the only roles in which Nick Cage was at all convincing.

I thought he was quite good in Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

How much money do you make, and what did Parker rate your tomatoes? Only then will the crowd know how to react.
Your problem is why I don’t grow tomatoes. Our hood is quite a few birds, squirrels and occasional other rodents. Paying $3 a pound for heirlooms at the farmers’ market is less frustrating.

Apparently, Mollydooker has withdrawn the press release and will issue a new one. Soon? Why?

Upon reconsideration they have concluded that its really no big deal and that we should worry about REAL wineries.

Probably such a concentration of that unholy juice introduced into the environment all at once has caused the dead to rise from their graves and walk among us.

And so it begins…

Odd that they withdrew their press release.