Forklift Fail at Mollydooker - MERGED

Could it have been suicide???

Downside - All that waste. pileon
Upside - Can this wine get any more sought after next year? [whistle.gif]

If this picture is correct, it does not look like a total loss.

Now that’s funny.

At least Sparky won’t take financial lost.

The wine was, however, fully insured.

Like the wine or not, it’s not cool to make light of what is a very serious, and potentially very costly accident. As a fellow winemaker and winery owner, my sympathies go out the Sparky and Sarah. One thing most non-ITB’s don’t consider is that not only is there the potential for direct financial loss, the loss of all that wine represents a setback in that you miss a whole year of getting new people interested in your wine - since there’s nothing for them to taste. The wine biz is tough enough these days without losing the opportunity to gain new customers, while having to absorb the normal attrition that occurs. Very sad - and making light of this event is IMHO in very bad taste.

The USD and AUD are almost at par so doesn’t really make a difference what they are priced in.

+1 While I am not a huge fan of his style of wine, it is a shame to have this unfortunate accident happen to such a nice winemaker. I am hopeful that at the very least, he is made whole financially. He does make high quality wines.

I am sure Sparky is a super guy and didn’t deserve this happening to him even if his wine sucks. That said, he is obviously not lacking for a customer base and has the single most influential wine critic on the planet telling anybody who will listen that his wines are equal to the greatest wines ever made. So I don’t think he’s in an especially pitiable position in terms of the opportunity to gain new customers - perhaps this sympathy would be better reserved for conscientious producers making wines that Robert Parker happens not to take very seriously. I will also add that no human beings or animals were harmed in this accident, and given that there is plenty of uproarious humor to be found even in the worst tragedies in which human beings actually are harmed, there is hardly anything distasteful about making light of an accident involving a forklift and shitty wine.

It’s even worse. At today’s exchange, you’re looking at 1 AU$ = 1.1 US$ or the Aussie $ is worth about 10% more.

May I ask who you are to decide who is worthy of sympathy?

Maybe they were trying to do the Mollydooker shake for the whole crate?

May I answer?

When a producer is in the top 0.0001% of all wine producers on the planet in terms of their ability to attract new customers, I don’t find expressions of sympathy for imagined obstacles to their ability to attract new customers to be especially worthy of belief, never mind sympathy.

But if you nevertheless want to shed tears for Sparky’s lost wine, be my guest. I shall now proceed to flog myself for even beginning to entertain the thought that there might be anyone on the planet whose suffering warrants more consideration than Mr. Marquis’s tonight. Woe is he!

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“Maybe they were trying to do the Mollydooker shake for the whole crate?”

Now THAT is funny!

Inserting screeds about Parker’s palate doesn’t make their loss any lighter. Would it still be worthy of making light of if it were Rhys? How about Mugnier? Or Pepiere?

No, act of God.

[rofl.gif] [rofl.gif] [rofl.gif]

Laugh it up, fuzzball. You probably love the stuff, mochaccino boy.


This is actually great news. The insurance carrier pays for the loss and keeps the wine. Then they sell it at a huge discount to recover some of their loss. Those of us who appreciate the fact that wine is made from grapes so it should taste like fruit can then pick some up cheap. [cheers.gif] We just have to make sure the insurance company stores it correctly.