For your palate what are your top 5 favorite wines?

Not of all time, but to buy for personal consumption year in and year out?

Sorry this will be central Cali coast heavy, but that’s the way it is.

  1. Any of the Jaffurs single vineyard syrahs.
    2.Tobin James French Camp zin
    3.Tobin James Fat Boy zin
    4.Jaffurs Santa Barbara syrah
  2. Zaca Mesa Santa Ynez Syrah '06…the '07 is a little ripe yet.

Wild cards: Four Vines, Neyers and Kunin zins.

That’s a tough question because I buy wine all the time for my cellar or at restaurants or just to drink that night. I bought some Ridge 2008 Chardonnay the other day. I am in Heathrow airport now waiting for my flight to LA so I can’t remember the appellation. I tend to buy Bordeaux, Chablis and Barolo with some California non-Cabernet stuff and South America thrown in. But I am a big Germany and Austria fan too. It’s hard to generalize.