As discussed in the Webinar, we’re going to have a few ‘limited’ offers - offers with an extremely tiny amount of inventory, which will sell out in minutes (based on what I know about BerserkerDay). For those, I will be posting a ‘teaser’ about approximately when the limited offer(s) will be posted, keeping people looking, refreshing the threads, and ready to pounce. Will add some fun carnival-type atmosphere to an otherwise nice and easy day.

So, for the 2 (possibly three, that I know of) who are doing a limited offer, note that if you have a regular offer AND a limited one, the limited one will be a SEPARATE THREAD/OFFER, and you can post it in here, or in the other forum, and I’ll move it to here. The reason to have them here is that this forum remains private, nobody but us can see it, once we make the NewbiePalooza forum go live on 17th. This is similar to how BerserkerDay works - I have the offers all in the Preview forum and I launch them in groups of 10-12 at their assigned times, dumping the deals on the Berserkers in each grouping.

To recap, if you have TWO OFFERS - one regular, one limited - the limited one is a separate thread, and you should post it here in the Preview forum, or, if not, I will move it here, so it stays out of sight until the time I mysteriously launch it [cheers.gif]

Again on this, do let me know! I have a ‘yes’ on Quaintrelle and a ‘maybe’ on Six Cloves - need to plan this ahead of time