For the love of 2014 RED burgundy

We held a tasting earlier this week with 2014 burgundy, white and red. The whites were flat our great, no surprises there (with Clos de la Mouchère and JM Boillot combettes as best wines for my palate).

The 2014 reds that followed all had juicy fruit, more red than blue fruit and were already drinkable. We had Malconsorts (Lemoine, juicy but the fine grained tannins still need some cellar time allthough enjoyable now, should have been decanted but 10 years is young for any Malconsorts), Arlot Suchots (the most tight of the series, also decant adviced), Mongeard Mugneret Suchots (perfect now, really benchmark red Burg), Arnoux Poisets (a little less elegant but drinking nicely), Hereztyn Mazzini Goulots was fine boned and just perfect now and finally we had 2 bottles Reignots from Laurent, one decanted 5h before which was really ready to go while the bottle opened just at the tasting lacked a litltle expressiveness (all bottles blind, nobody knew who was bringing what). I remember tasting the 2014’s from barrel and maybe they were not the most concentrated nor the most complex but they al had a great juicyness that I found back in most of these wines tasted. With a little carafe these wines are a joy to drink now.


This post is great to see. I’ve reluctantly opened a few 1er 2014s and they seemed quite closed…or shrill. I was/am concerned that 2014 will not turn out well.

I hope after a decade, they may be opening up. I sure have enough of them.

I’m somewhat in the same boat. Have been waiting to open few 2014 JM Bouley.

My theme song: off vintages, baby! I managed to pick up quite a few nice 14s at closeout prices. The few I’ve opened seemed like they needed more time, but were promising. Glad to read a post like this one.

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Love 14 reds for good value, but the GCs are definitely closed. I think in another 12 years they may be as charming as the 02s are right now.

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Exactly that. If one actually wants to drink the stuff ‘off’ vintages are where the joy is to be found. Wines from vintages proclaimed as special tend to need forever to come around and then often don’t. 90, 96, 99, 2005, I’m looking in your direction! There will of course be a million exceptions to this generalisation.

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Deja vu all over again here. 2014 isn’t an off vintage!


I managed to backfill some in 2019/20 and I am so glad I did. Very little inventory on market now.

Recently had 2014 Fourrier Combe Aux Moines VV and it was smashing.

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I am so happy to hear this. I loved the vintage on release and have a few I’ve n=been sitting on

Feel like 2014 gets lumped in like 2007 did, that then proved itself, and often mistaken for 2004 that I still avoid.

I’m gonna open a 14 Fourrier Champeaux soon. Can’t wait!

Over the last 24 months:

2014 Domaine Bachelet Gevrey-Chambertin: Good and over-performed.
2014 Domaine Arlaud Morey St. Denis 1er Cru Les Ruchots: Lovely.
2014 Domaine Marquis d’Angerville Volnay 1er Cru Champans: Liked this a lot.
2014 Bouchard Père et Fils Pommard Cuvée Les Corbins: Enjoyable, on the downslope.
2014 Domaine des Beaumont Mazoyères-Chambertin: Closed.
2014 Pierre Damoy Chambertin-Clos de Bèze: Beautiful.
2014 Domaine d’Eugénie Clos Vougeot: Beautiful.
2014 Pierre Damoy Chambertin: Impressive.


Thumbs up! 2014 is a fine vintage, and I’m happy I have a nice little assortment. Recent (red) bottles:

Fourrier Combe aux Moines. Excellent. Humming, deep, much still in the tank.
Bertheau Charmes. Chambollesque beauty. Gorgeous.
Mugneret Gibourg Bourgogne. Lip smacking, tasty, satisfying for its level and the price I paid for it.
Groffier Bourgogne. Maybe a tiny step up even, really pretty nose. Balanced, on.

I’ve had a few friends’ bottles as well, all showing nicely, developing on reasonable curves. I.e. youngish, open, very pretty elegant Burgundy, not lacking in depth.

Sure, I’ll wait on the handful of GCs I have but they are not, for me, the end all and be all of the Burgundy experience.

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