For about the same money- '01 Abreu, '04 Colgin, '05 Araujo?

Looking for wines for the post harvest dinner with my wife. She has never had a Colgin, Araujo or Abreu before so want her to know what those taste like. So for about the same $$$ for drinking within maybe 90 days- which one?

2005 Araujo Cab
2001 Abreu Madrona
2004 Colgin IX

Jeff Ames

Abreu. Have had it and the Colgin, but not the Araujo.

01 Abreu. Definitely my choice.

NOT THE ARAUJO!!! I’ve had all 3, and the Araujo just isn’t in the same league. Both the Abreu and Colgin are phenomenal wines. The Colgin might not have come out of it’s dumb stage yet, so I’d pick the Abreu. Happy drinking!!!

I would go Colgin every time…only had 2005 and 2006 and it has been one of the best wines I have ever tasted every time we pop one!

I guess it’s a question of style preference. I think the Abreu wines are OK (I dropped off that list). I am not a Colgin fan at all. The Araujo would be my choice. And having had the 05 recently, I am confident it is not closed down, etc… that said, I am not a fan of big, ripe, extracted wines. So if you are…well then never mind!