Food processor recommendation?

Most of my adult life I’ve had tiny kitchens that had no room for a food processor and so I made do with hand chopping, etc.

It recently occurred to me that I have space for one now with only a little rearranging and was wondering what to buy. Do I just go to BB&B and buy a Cuisinart? Is there a big (any) difference between brands? How large a processor should I be looking at?


Within reason, I’m a fan of “bigger is better”. I’ve watched too many people mix in bowls that are too small and overcrowd pans. For that reason, I like the 14-cup Cuisinarts, but the 11-cup ones will do. Just avoid the original 7-cup model.

14 C.
Check Costco. You typically get an additional attachment or two and depending on the monthly value-add, you can get other goodies.

For 169 I got an extra bowl, pizza pan, pizza cutter and the cuisinart dough blade in addition to a shredder plate, attachment extenders and a blade.

Bigger watt motors rule because you’ll end up making dough eventually.

I have two food processors. 14C and 3 1/2 C Cuisinarts. I consider both essential tools in my kitchen.

Cuisinart vs Kitchen Aid is the obvious question… I would assume it doesn’t matter much, maybe a few attachments differ? But correct me. Right now I’m inclined to buy whichever one looks better on my counter.

And hey, I have a sore throat and I ain’t thinking about wine nor wine berserkers this morning if not for that NYT Bittman article a week ago. How many damn food processors do you think he’s sold in a week?
I signed on and searched “processor” and up pops this thread from a day ago.

Next week I’m prolly gonna be looking at vitamix vs the will it blend thing, blendtek or whatever. Clearly I’m of a mind to revamp my day to day diet.

The Braun Combimax 650 has a 600watt motor that will actually last, We have had ours a few years and no issues. Unfortunately Cuisinart and Kitchen Aid do not seem well built anymore. I try to buy an appliance once and expect it to last.

I’ve had the 16 cup metal Cuisinart food processor for most of 2010, and could’t be happier. It’s easy to use, looks great on the counter and handles pizza dough bettter than anything I’ve ever used. The reviews here seem to agree:|eltfodfull" onclick=";return false;

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the input!

I bought a brand new Cuisinart classic (10 cup I think) for $40 on craigslist. There are deals to be had out there.
For pizza dough, i’ve got a kitchen aid mixer that belonged to my mother in law. 25+ years old and it still works great!

I use an old (10 years Cuisinart ), and it works very well. At work I get to play with a Robot Coupe. It kills. How much do you want to spend, and what do you need it to do? I do not know if the usual brands have had a fall off in quality, since mine is old. If you have the bucks, the Robot Coupe is Awesome!

FWIW, the newest edition of Cooks Illustrated has a review of the options." onclick=";return false;