Food pairing question

Suggested pairings for a 2001 Brunello?

osso bucco


I have had good luck with the following - any meat/game - as the tannin benefits the protein. In addition I have enjoyed BdM with pasta with mushrooms (portobello or other fungi) with heavier cream sauces. I have also had it with Pizza (carmelized onions and Boursan cheese). When I think of Osso Bucco i tend to drift towards Amarone but the richness of the dish would not be lost on a lovely Brunello.

Best of luck!

Thanks for the suggestions. I will prepare my grocery list for next week.

FRESH pasta with white truffle (or Porcini) and Parmegiano Reggiano with some fresh sage and butter rather than olive oil

Scratch that–my brain read Barolo. Tired and sober
+1 on Osso Bucco

For cheese Stilton is a good match.

Also, steak Florentine.

A winner. Bistecca alla Fiorentina would be a great match as would a braised venison dish

Thanks. I’m still deciding which way to go.

I made osso bucco for a brunello a few weeks ago for our anniversary. I used some random recipe from the web. The sauce wasn’t as tomatoey as my wife and I would have liked. I should have used some tomato sauce in addition to the diced tomatoes I used. I think more acidity would have benefitted the meat and the wine. But this is a personal preference I suppose.

Jane - I’d go toward Tuscan flavors and the like. Mushrooms. Roast chicken. Roasted lamb. What I’d avoid are big, powerful flavors. They might work but they can also drown out the wine unless the match really works. I’ve not had any 01s lately but the 95s I’ve had and the 97s are fairly subtle wines showing secondary flavors now and so wouldn’t like dishes that need significant primary fruit. Honestly, I’d raid Marcella Hazan’s books for ideas.

I wouldn’t be able to taste any kind of nuance in a red wine after a bite of such a cheese. Beyond that, these things just clash for my palate. I know I am not alone.