Food in Beaune / Nice (area)

Will check out Charlie’s post for Paris… hoping to get some suggestions for Beaune, Jura, Nice (and surrounding areas)…

Food for 6, including 4 adult, 2 kids (6/7yr old)…
Casual no reso - great
michelin star (and accept kids) - great

Kids have eaten throughout NA/EU at M* places so relatively calm/can handle tasting menus etc.

For Beaune - if it’s got a killer wine list and affordable Kagami wines, bonus :smiley:
PM if that’s better.


Just got back from Beaune ate at Ma Cuisine, Gastropub/Mason Colombier, L’hotel de Beaune for dinner. All great with great lists. I would go back to all of them. Order the roast chicken at L’hotel. There were no kids at any of these but I don’t see why they wouldn’t be welcome. They are casual but you will need a reservation especially for 6. Probably best to go early. Ma Cuisine is pretty tight and crowded if that matters. There are plenty of cafes and places that offer take away where you don’t need a reservation. We did not visit any of these.

We only drank Burgundy and Champagne while there. I don’t even know if there were other wines on the lists… [wow.gif]

Also had dinner at Lameloise which is Michelin 3***. The food was good. Nice list but service was poor. Meal was excruciatingly long. 4.5+ hours for no reason. We sat for 20 min without anything. They were not crowded and there was a lot of staff. We asked for the pre-dessert, dessert and mignardies and the bill to be brought all at once. Which they begrudgingly did. Meal would have been even longer. Would not go back. Obviously not good for kids.

Had a nice lunch at Rotisserie Gevrey-Chambertin. Great list also.

What are your plans for the kids in Beaune? I have kids and they would be bored silly



Thx George!
How was the wine list at Lameloise?

Also kids - they will just run around the town… chill out… they can play a box of legos for 3 hours so they are super easy travellers…

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The wine list was good. Expensive. We had a Guiborat Champagne, a 2016 Roulot Charmes and a 2010 Meo Clos Vougeot.

If you’re going to Nice/Southern France. Really enjoyed this restaurant. Also stayed at the hotel.

Lots of good places to eat.


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last time we were in nice, we loved Jan…south african chef/cuisine with mediterranean ingredients. 1 michelin star…not sure how id feel about kids there but i cant not recommend…food/service/price were excellent for the quality.

peixes…small plates seafood…much more casual. id recommend this place. was a nice meal at the bar.

bar oiseaux is a good bistro option in old port of nice. Fenocchio for gelato is always a must for us in town.

we didnt love mirazur and that was 6 years old when prices were much lower. not sure id bring a kid there. there are a bunch of seaside seafood restaurants along every town to the italian border. we liked le galion in menton.

Thanks! got Jan reserved and they are willing to create a kids menu for 25 euros… so friendly and accommodating.

Mirazur we reserved for just my wife and I. Not quite willing to pay the tasting menu cost for 2 kids there :wink:

In Beaune, consider La Buissonière. It’s a small, ultra casual place run bu lovely husband and wife. I recall the menu being very limited but someone there knows how to cook (fine sweetbreads). Wine list seemed good but we only ordered one as we brought a couple of bottles (he knows the owner). The have a nice assortment of after dinner drinks. It’s a wonder I even remember the place given the assortment my friend ordered. It was his first night out following a skiing injury. Maybe my impression of the place was influenced by the magnificent 1959 Savigny-Les-Beaune Haut Jarrons he brought [dance-clap.gif]

La Dilettante is great. Lolo has a great selection of wines on the wall and very good French tapas. Also mega casual. But walk-in is very tough.

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comptoir tontons probably has some miroirs (in addition to murmures and bruyere houillon) on their list still if that is what you are looking for.

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Sorry you had such a difficult evening at Lameloise. My experiences have been excellent. I expect meals of this ilk to be long (but not 4.5hrs). Service has always been 3* for me and I think it is really a fine value. While I agree their wine list is expensive, it’s because they are mostly high-end selections. I think the prices are very fair. I was happy to order a 2005 Chave Blanc for about 250€.

Absolutely expect a long meal at a 3*** but the meal should flow and the time should “fly”. This was a slog the entire night. Their wine list was expensive compared to other lists in Burgundy. In comparison to U.S lists it was of course very well priced.


I wouldn’t do it with children but Lameloise was one of our best meals and worth a detour. We ordered Bordeaux because I thought the pricing was better. Roast chicken at L’hotel is a great suggestion.

La Lune was so wonderful in Beaune. Japanese chef making French-Japanese fusion.

L’Expression in Beaune is excellent. Not inexpensive by any means but a very high level of cooking. Very sleek interior that’d be at home in NYC, Paris etc…warm service. Solid wine list; deep in some producers. But as a new restaurant it hasn’t built up a really big cellar at decades-old cost.

There are a huge number of threads on the restaurant board on restaurants in Burgundy. I highly recommend doing a search. One good one that has not been mentioned here is Relais de Saulx.

I was told today that Richard from Comptoir des Tontons passed away last month.

Another vote for La Buissonière. Small-ish menu and a nice wine list. Not too expensive.