Food Boards?

I’m curious what food boards folks around here frequent. I know Bob posted about one recently but I can’t find the reference.

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To its earliest days, and through a number of reconfigurations, I’ve found Chowhound a consistent pain in the ass to navigate.

I was an eGullet loyalist for many years and still take a peak from time to time, but eGullet seems to be dying a slow death. Traffic (in the regional boards) is slow. It was the far superior of the two sites.

Why has eG crapped out? (This will sound familiar…) over-moderation.

I used to be an eGullet supporter and reader, I have dropped it, not much activity worth reading.

While Chowhound is not perfect it is my goto food site. In addition I use one board specific to Portland, Oregon.

Chowhound without a doubt. A few weeks ago we even got a separate San Diego section. It used to be SF, LA, Other Cali. We’ve come a long way, baby!

Chowhound. They are going to restructure the forums so each state/region will have a sub forum instead of a general region.

My only knock against Chowhound is that it is overly moderated. I guess, since many of the folks on here are used to the parker board, it might not seem that way, but i find they really are concerned with hurt feelings.

I gave that one up. Along with the nuggets, there is at least one overbearing ego (sound familiar to anyone?). I posted a negative review of the board’s poster child, Pok Pok, and it was deleted. Twice. I gave up.

Beats me, Serge, though they could be. This is a local board -" onclick=";return false;.

Not a discussion site per se, but the absolute bomb for food porn…" onclick=";return false; is one in the DC area

Chowhound +1

While the site is very complex, the site map is easy to figure out and you can follow topics you’ve posted to on “My Chow”. They also have a ‘digest’ function that gathers recent and interesting posts for some main regions, and there’s a restaurant guide too. The wine board is not at the aficionado level but I find it helpful mostly for low to moderate price picks and general discussions.

I actually got banned from Made me very proud. I felt like I was like Serge for the day :slight_smile: