Fogline Vineyards Speedy Berserker Day Raid

Hear ye! Hear ye! Fogline Vineyards is announcing 3 offers to inspire your berserking. We pity the fool who is low on elixir. Therefore, we give you this short-lived opportunity to stock you cellars for the year of pillaging to come.

Here are a couple of forum links that talk about us:
Fogline Vineyards Sun Chase Pinot Noir
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2014 Harvest Fair Gold Sample 3-Pack - $95 + $5 Flat Rate Shipping

2013 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay - Zephyrs Block (Estate) - Harvest Fair Gold Medal
The third release of our estate Chardonnay. Wonderful asian pear bouquet, beautiful balance of oak and fruit with crisp acidity. Barrel Fermented 25% new MT+ 3-year FF VTG oak.
145 cases made. Retail $38.

2012 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir - Sun Chase Vineyard - Harvest Fair Double Gold Medal
A cracking vintage for Pinot Noir. Best wine we have made to-date from this vineyard. 667 and 777, 30% new MT+ 3-year FF VTG oak. Pommard style. Retail $42.

2012 Dry Creek Zinfandel - Grist Vineyard - Harvest Fair Double Gold Medal
Grist sits 1200 feet above the Dry Creek Valley floor. The remarkable natural acidity and uplifted flavor profile are what keep people coming back . We blend a bit of Syrah and Petite Sirah with the Zinfandel to create a rich, complex experience. 33% new MT+ Saury american oak the rest on older french oak. Retail $32.

Order Harvest Fair Gold 3-Pack Here

Long Gone Sample 3-Pack - $89 + $5 Flat Rate Shipping

We have 6 of these 3-packs to offer.

2013 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay - Zephyrs Block(Estate) UNFILTERED
We bottled a small amount of our 2013 Chardonnay unfiltered. It sold in the blink of an eye at the beginning of last summer. Original Retail $38.

2012 Sonoma Coast Rose of Pinot Noir - Swan Block Unfiltered
Made from a block of our Swan clone Pinot Noir. Stomped and left to sit for 30 minutes to gain color before being pressed to barrel for fermentation. Wonderful summer freshness with a touch of yeastiness will surely please friends that have a tendency towards sparkling and beer. Was a huge hit for folks going down river last summer. Original Retail $24.

2012 Dry Creek Syrah - Grist Vineyard
Those that have followed our progress know that the Old Vine Syrah from Grist is something pretty special. Not only that it creates great wines but that it is produced in tiny quantities. 2012 was no different as we made less than 45 cases. Bright fruit with plenty of structural acidity are the hallmark of Grist. Original Retail $38.

Order Long Gone 3-Pack Here

2012 Petaluma Gap 4-Pack - $175 + $5 Flat Rate Shipping

Two bottles each of our wines containing Estate Fruit from the Petaluma Gap region.

2012 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir - Hillside Block
Swan, Mt. Eden, Dijon 115 and Pommard clones. Very pretty perfumed bouquet with sweet cherries and rose petals. 30% new MT+ 3-year FF VTG oak. Retail $65.

2012 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir - Fogline Neighbors
A winemakers blend of the Hillside Estate vineyard and the Sun Chase Vineyard. Elevated earthiness and structure, full bodied with refined tannins. 30% new MT+ 3-year FF VTG oak.
Retail $65. Snooth Wine Writers find October 2014.

Order Petaluma Gap 4-Pack Here

Speedy Berserker Raids to You!

Now THIS is how you do a BerserkerDay offer post! Check out the custom image work!!!

Anyone want to share some of the Dry Creek Zinfandel with me? flirtysmile

In. Heard great things about this winery and excited to try the wines.

In for the Harvest Fair.

I won’t be ordering today, but I’m a new club member at Fogline and highly recommend the wines for all fellow beserkers on here. The Pinots get most of the attention, but I love the Zin(and I’m a California Zin guy) and the wife loves the Chardonnay.

Thanks bunch Jeff! I really enjoyed your visit. And thanks to all who have ordered. Go Berserk!

Go Columbia swimming!

Brent will get it…

Indeed Marc. I’ll pass on the word.

Thanks. Looking forward to try these.

No problem. I can’t wait for the upcoming shipment for members. Awesome wines.

With an assist from Evan, in for a Harvest Gold pack.

Seems PayPal is acting up. Sorry for that. If anyone has problems, please email me @

The cold climate state shipments will be going out this week. Enjoy and thanks for your patience!