Take advantage of our love of Berserkers and Sonoma Wine Country with 50% off 3 wines

If you have been by our tasting room in Fulton, CA you probably have noticed our “Berserkers Welcome” sticker on the entry door up there with the YELP and credit card stickers. If you ask any Berserker that has visited, they will vouch for our appreciation that this community has given us over the years. I have been lurking and participating in this forum since the close of eBOB and WCWN and feel a part of the community, in particular with reference to the Falltacular group. Our tasting room has been noted by San Francisco Chronicle to be one of the top places to visit for an educational experience. My staff and I geek out on the details, yet make things very accessible for newer drinkers. We like to say “Altitude, Not Attitude” in reference to almost all of our vineyards being above the fogline.

The past years have been devastating to Sonoma County tourism. I am seeing tasting rooms close as the visitors have not returned after the fires and flooding. I wanted to make sure this year to create a deal that would not only get more Berserkers to try our wine but would also hopefully get them to travel to Sonoma County for a visit to fall in love again with an area that is as beautiful and magical as it has always been. The wines are always spectacular here, the bucolic scenery makes you sigh with contentment and let all the worries melt away. Each order will have free tasting cards for 4 guests. When you visit, we are at the gateway to the Russian River, you can ask for further directions as we have free tasting cards for many of our friends in the area.

With that, here is our Berserker Day 11 offer:
Mix and match these 3 wines all at a 50% discount. 4 bottle purchase minimum.
You can choose other wines on the website but only these wines are discounted and to get that discount 4 of these wines must be purchased. The wines can be all of one kind but the minimum number of bottles shall be 4.<said in my best Michael Palin voice, would have been better if it were all 3s>

2014 Fogline Vineyards Pinot Noir - Sonoma Coast - Fogline Neighbors (Retail $65)
The 2014 vintage of Fogline Neighbors was the last vintage and is in the prime drinking window now. A 7 clone blend from 3 vineyards (Fogline, Janian and Sun Chase) all atop Sonoma Mountain in the Petaluma Gap. Vivid coloration. Powerful, virile and complex with 30% whole cluster fermentation.

2016 Fogline Vineyards Zinfandel - Rockpile - Rocky Ridge Vineyard (Retail $50)
We had always wanted to get fruit from Rockpile without success as my business partner, Brent, used to work with the Mauritsons. One day Uncle Chris came in and tried our wine and asked us if we would like to make some Rockpile. After apologizing for all of the slobber and heavy breathing we signed on. Rocky Ridge is a special place for Zin known for its CdP type savory character with structure density and spice.

2017 Fogline Vineyards Gewürztraminer - Russian River Valley - Spring Hills Vineyard (Retail $32)
This is a dry Gewürz from the vineyard adjacent to our winery and tasting room in Fulton, planted buy the Kunde’s. There was 1 row of this strange very small clustered clone and we made 2 vintages of it before it was torn out for a Meomi contract planting (a sign of the times. As the small growers/wineries get pushed out Napa is filling the gap, purchasing land and creating Sonoma brands). Fans of dry Gewürz will not be disappointed. Spice and lychee. 13 cases remaining.

To order go to:
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click “GO TO CART”
use code: BERSERKER11
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Enjoy! We hope to see you in Sonoma sometime soon. [berserker.gif]

Does anyone have an opinion on the Zins?
I’ve had Rockpile Zin many times and it’s wonderful but just not from here.

Chris Mauritson (the owner) drank the two cases we gave him after release in one month and came back for more.

I like the CT notes on the Gewurtz and Pinot. The Zin has rather conflicting notes, but I’m going to take Brig’s word rather than the other guy. The shipping within CA is quite reasonable as well! In for a sampler set! Cheers!

Pat G’s notes from 2019 Falltacular:

<This year, I chose to begin upstairs. Wanted to focus on Big Red Wine. Upstairs was the place.

For the big reds, here are those that were most memorable IMHO.

Riverain Tench Oakville, William & Mary Shifflett Ranch, Myriad Stelzner, Sojourn Beckstoffer Rutherford (All Cabernet Sauvignon), Fogline (Rocky Ridge and Grist Zinfandel). With respect to Syrah, I most enjoyed Darren Delmore Cambria and Myriad Halcon.

In for an assorted six pack.

I just ordered some of the gewürtz. It’s a style I really enjoy, and I have very little of it. Looking forward to trying these wines!

Thanks Adam. The Pinot is drinking amazingly now. AFA the Zin. We normally make more northern Dry Creek style Zins that can verge on cab-like (Grist in particular). We’ve made 3 zin that have been significantly off dry and that sometimes skews perspective. The off dry wines are 14-15 Old Vine Zin and 17 Grist Zin. These were made for a specific audience, and while incredibly popular, are not to the taste of most dry wine drinkers.

Thanks Mike. Enjoy!


Glad to hear. The perfume fills the room once poured. Thanks for ordering. We also made an excellent Flora that year. It was also torn out but we are re-planting it from original cuttings and hope to have it again in a few years.

Thank you Evan, just put my order in. I was hoping to visit in February but alas the itinerary will not put me close enough to your location to pop in. I’ll try for next time we’re up in Sonoma.

Thanks for your order Bryan.

Please do let me know when you will be coming as I am often in our two estate vineyards once the growing season starts. I look forward to your visit as we have some new wines SKUs that I’m excited to show off.

Had the pleasure of tasting with Evan last year at the winery. Glad to see the 2016 Rocky Ridge Rockpile Zin that stood out during the tasting is on the BD sale. If only Starscape Pinot was also on sale… :wink: :wink:

Looking to place an order, any way of doing a pickup to save on the shipping? Will be in that area end of Feb.

zin order in!

Hi Hoang,

Happy New Year. Yes, you can specify pick-up after you enter your information at checkout (there is a radio button). I’ll hold your wine for you in the back. Look forward to seeing you again.


Thanks Eric. Rockpile hits the spot!

Thanks for the heads up. In for a few bottles. See you in a few weeks.

I read Brig’s notes. I’m in.

Thanks for your order, Dan. Brig knows my wine for sure, I’ve been bringing wine to Falltacular for many years.

Evan - I keep getting declined. Trying to pick up some Zin and Gwertz.

Reason for decline: Decline.

Zen like, but I’m not feeling all that Zen about it!