FLX harvest update 2016 one of the best in years

Send a drought our way and the FLX shines … This was the worst drought I have seen in 18 years and the locales tell me it’s the worst in 45 years … The cash crops failed … The grapes went wild with small berries and lots of flavor … We started to day to bring in fruit , game on … Spectacular fruit … Buy all the 2016 wines you can get your hands on, low crop and very spectacular fruit …

Salute !!!

After going to school in the area for four years, I didn’t think droughts were possible there… I can’t wait to try some Wiemer and Konstantin Dry Rielsing from this vintage.

Ah, Jerome, you don’t know how bad it was up here this year. July the grasses were yellow and crinkly, just like in California: dry, hot. Luckily some rains came in just in time later in summer.

Hi Markus,

I was worried that a cigi would light the grasslands and pasture up, we, as you reported, looked like the wastelands … our vineyard does have a spring that helped and our vines looked like the Babylonian gardens, plush green and they were irrigated just so nicely…

where are you located ???

Salute !!!