Flurbereinigung - is it finished in the Mosel?

Just wondering what is happening in terms of reorganizing/replanting the major vineyard sites in the Mosel. When I last visited in 2003 I saw some areas being cleared, with new terraces being established. Is the Wehlener Sonnenuhr now fully replanted? Are there other sites still to be done?

The reorganization in the village of Wehlen as in Bernkastel, which started the same year, are both finished. After the harvest of 2010 the land was redistributed to the growers. Ther are some areas which still have to be leveled off by bulldozers. This year they will start to work on the reorganization in the village of Graach.
Not every grower necessarily is going to replant their vineyards. We decided to replant only half of our vineyards in Wehlen to keep some of our old ungrafted wines still in production.

So that was your option? I did not know that the land owners could protect parcels.

For the sake of indexing, and finding this thread in the future, it should be called “Flurbereinigung” not Flub…

David, from what I understand, some of the larger parcels were more or less kept intact and added to during the consolidation.

Maybe ‘Flub…’ is Freudian.

Nope - just a typo. I actually know how to spell it, but I am a horrid typist.