Florida Drei

Florida Drei

At Louie Bossi in Fort Lauderdale. This is an expensive, great value pizza joint with food, wine and ambience all at a top level.
I had to ask about the vintages after the fact as they are not on the glass list.

2016 Pieropan Soave – A producer I’ve always admired, this was terrific, with musky, herbal, floral aromas, fine weight, acidity and balance on the palate and just as harmonious as you could want with terrific charcuterie (pardon my French). I assumed 2017 from the quality and freshness, but no. A ridiculously good wine, usually ~$15 retail IIRC. 90 points.

2015 Stags Leap Petite Sirah – Kudos to Bossi for this classic. It looked really dark, but it was really dark at the table. The aromas were spicy, with hints of violet and a touch of black raspberry. The palate was somehow both raspy and refined, with a boatload of fine-grained tannins, good rich body and a long, mouthwatering finish with plenty of acidity. Rated 91.5. This should improve a point or two over the next 2 - 5 years, I will grab a few if I can find them easily at a good price.

2015 Mangiacane Chianti Classico Riserva – I’ve eaten bear, rattlesnake and guinea pig, but draw the line at dog.
This is a polite, correct, Chianti. The aromas feature red cherries, with a touch of earth and a hint of currant that brings to mind sturdy, minor Bordeaux. The palate is medium bodied, with a good balance of freshness, acidity and some secondary touches. Still, it is dull compared to the previous wines and a bit of a letdown. Rated 86, might improve a point or even two with a few years, but I won’t bother.

Dan Kravitz

2016 and 17 Pieropan Soave are fabulous chiseled whites.

Yup, have loved Pieropan since I first encountered them in Venice about about 15 years ago–amazing qpr.

Contradiction of terms. Expensive and great value? Seems it should be one or the other.

For a step up, try Pieropan’s Rocca. It’ll cost you more, (but you can afford it) but is even higher on the Richter scale. Truly excellent.


I will look for the Pieropan Rocca, have never seen it.

Expensive and great value:
Prices are high.
Quality is higher.

Dan Kravitz