Flannery Pork Cap

Finally back in stock after Berserkers Day. Possibly the best simple cut of pork ever!! With a Verdet Marsannay Champs Perdrix 2019

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Grabbed some more

Fixing this for 1, tonight! It’s in the smoker right now warming up using Dan Patrick’s chef’s recommendations any other thoughts?

I make a pan sauce with shallots, capers, dijon mustard, amd cream. I steep the cream first in herbes de provence or use a dijon with HDP. Great piece of pork that can stand alone as well.

Marinade in lime, salt and garlic, unwrapped/untied, roast and use in Cubanos!!! Right, @Jorge_Henriquez ?

Sounds exquisite !!!

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I bought 2 so that will be the next one!!

I bought some pork cap medallions from Flannery. They’re roughly 1 1/2" thick. How would you cook them? I don’t have a sous vide nor do I have a smoker. Reverse sear? Good old-fashioned from raw to ready on charcoal? TIA

Slow oven then sear. I use my APO’s steam function, but a lower oven temperature should work. Had the Pork Cap “tenderloin” last night and the wife loved it. I think it’s just a superior product, just like the beef/lamb, but the steam oven keeps it moist.

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We did one on the Weber kettle using the charcoal snake method.
Unbelievably good.