Flannery Burger Builder

I have GOT to try this:

http://www.bryansfinefoods.com/burgerBuilder.php" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I’m one of the Beta tasters…I’ll get my burger in a couple of days.

The only downside is that it’s expensive…for 4 lbs of burger plus shipping it came to $90, but if your doing a regular order of hangers it’s probably worth it.

I played around with it a bit this morning, and came up with a cost of $42 for 4/lbs. 50% Wagyu Chuck, 25% Wagyu Short Ribs, 25% Prime Beef Rib Cap Fat Blend.

I can see how the shipping kills the deal. This will definitely be an “add in” on a regular order for me.

I was playing around with it this AM - this will be on our summer menu for sure! There are so many options, it would be great if Bryan would give a few suggested combos. If you do order a mix, please post your impressions!

My wife works right across the breezeway in Corte Madera, so shipping is not an issue for us! flirtysmile

http://www.bryansfinefoods.com/index.php?info=burgerPicks" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Ah, thanks! Surfing on the iPhone has it’s drawbacks…

who is doing his webpage now? hilarious commentary

you get scolded if you try to skip step 1

Bit of a problemo:
You need at least 50% of your burger to come from step one or else the dang thing falls apart on the grill!

Awesome stuff. Looking forward to trying it soon. While I’m a fan of grinding my own meat, this is an exception I’m willing to explore :smiley: