Flannery Beef!

We’re back again for our 5th BerserkerDay, though we’ve been dealing with Berserkers for much longer than that.

What with all these anniversaries, we can let ourselves wax poetic a little bit about how much we owe our success to the wine world. Even though it’s self-evident that good wine and good food go hand in hand, our gratitude to the wine community runs deep. The first iteration of Flannery Beef was Bryan’s Fine Foods, a high-end deli/meat counter just north of San Francisco. I opened this up after departing from my father’s store; originally a butcher shop, now a high-end grocery store, currently being run by my two brothers in San Francisco. The gem of Bryan’s Fine Foods was the meat counter; part of what led to me going off on my own was a desire to dig deeper into sourcing the highest quality available and returning to the old practice of dry aging like my father did in the 70s.

The dry aging part was no problem; the sourcing took me longer – after bringing in product from countless ranches and companies, I finally found the holy grail sometime in 2005. A case of ribs came in from Brandt Beef, located down in Brawley CA, and I remember the first two looking good, but the other two were ‘holy shit’. The next day I was on a plane to meet with Eric Brandt and upon learning that this particular beef was a very nontraditional breed to use for beef production, my obsession with Holstein was born. A superior marbling pattern, and a smaller size than your more traditional breeds like Angus or Hereford, combined with the dry aging process, is what made our product stand out so spectacularly.

Our launch into the e-commerce scene was precipitated by members of the eRobertParker forum; a post from Robert Parker back in 2007 that directed people to our website was an entirely new chapter. Over the next few years, our shipping business grow steadily. My daughter Katie entered the scene about this time, bailing out of college to take over the task of rebuilding our website. In 2011 we made the decision to close the brick and mortar store and go entirely online with our business, and the rest is history. What started as a 150sqft aging room in Bryan’s Fine Foods has morphed into a 9000sqft USDA Facility with 2500sqft of aging space. And we have you guys, winoes and foodies who recognize quality and support it, to thank for our success. So with a truly heartfelt thank you for all your support over the years, onto the deals!

With wine in mind, to help celebrate Berserker Day X, we’ve put together a Beef Vertical of different aging levels, and the Beef flight of two different breeds. In addition to our usual doorbuster sale on NYs :blush:

Offer #1: 35% off California Reserve New York Steaks https://bit.ly/2Btgesg

  • A tried and true classic, aged our standard 30-35 days.

Offer #2: California Reserve New York “Vertical” https://bit.ly/2CLrB1g
Taking the concept of a wine vertical and applying it to beef, these sets will give you a chance to experience how different levels of dry aging present in a New York steak.

  • “The Younger Crowd”: a total of 10@12oz New York Steaks; 2 each at the following age levels: 21 Days, 28 Days, 35 Days, 42 Days, 49 Days. $255 for set. This set of steaks will ship on Tues, February 26th.

  • “The Older Years”: a total of 10@12oz New York Steaks; 2 each at the following age levels: 56 Days, 63 Days, 70 Days, 77 Days, 84 Days. $275 for set. This set of steaks will ship on Tues, March 26th.

  • “Midlife Crisis”: a total of 20@ 12oz New York steaks, 2 each at the following age levels: 21 Days, 28 Days, 35 Days, 42 Days, 49 Days, 56 Days, 63 Days, 70 Days, 77 Days, 84 Days. $495 for set. This set of steaks will ship on Tues, March 26th.

Offer #3: California Reserve vs American Wagyu New York “Flight” https://bit.ly/2Hwybyr
Switching from a vertical to a horizontal, this set give you the opportunity to sample two different breeds side by side. The aging levels will be different; but that’s because my personal opinion is that Wagyu shouldn’t be aged too far beyond 3 weeks. The fat in Wagyu is so distinct that I’ve found longer aging levels end up competing, flavor-wise. I like to keep Wagyu aged right about 18-20 days, whereas the California Reserve will be 30-35days aged.

  • A total of 4 steaks, 2@12oz California Reserve, 2@12oz American Wagyu. $145 for set.

How To Order ****Each of the items listed above are also links that will take you to that product’s page on our website. Simply fill up your shopping cart with whatever quantities of the steaks and when you’re ready to check out, head to the Shopping Cart page and enter the code “BDX” in the Coupon Code box, and click “Apply Coupon”. We still haven’t updated our site, so bear with us as this part can be a bit confusing. There are two areas to enter codes, one is for Coupon Codes, the second is for Gift Card Codes. Make sure you enter the code " BDX" in the Coupon Code section. We’ve built a discount into both the Flight and the Vertical sets; so you only need to make sure to enter the coupon code if you’re buying the CA New Yorks.

Ship Dates ****Prior Berserker Day offers we were able to start cutting and shipping immediately, but this year we have a scheduling conflict in the upcoming week and need to push all Berserker Day order to ship beginning the week of February 4th. If you need your order shipped out asap, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll do everything we can, but please note that all orders placed through the Berserker Day Sale (that don’t specifically request a ship date further out than Feb 4th), will be shipped during the week of February 4th. As always, don’t hesitate to ask us any shipping questions you might have!!

Ordered once again. Thanks !!!

Ordered a “Younger Crowd” and threw in a Hangar Steak for good measure. Looking forward to trying these, and putting them up against my friend’s go-to, Pat Lafreida!

In for my Midlife Crisis!

Flannery drew first blood for my BDX!!!

In case anybody is not familiar with Flannery - perfect meat and very nice people.

Damn can’t decide what to get…

I wonder if there will be anything ribeye tomorrow. I don’t see anything in the preview section.

Question - are the Older Crowd and Younger Crowd flights 10 steaks or 12? 5 ages, 2 steaks each is 10, but it also says 12 steaks @ 12 oz.

As much as I want to blame bad math on Dad, this was totally my fault! Sorry Ron, good catch - each of those sets have 10 steaks total! -K

No problem!
Another one…the website has the Older pack at a higher price?

In for a Younger Set. Damn, cannot wait.

Grabbed the horizontal flight. Looking forward to the side-by-side!
Anything other than NY’s coming tomorrow? Always love your filet, rib eye, and pave’s

Ah!! Ron, pls remind me to have you fact check our next Berserker Day post! Lol. Fixed in this post, and I owe you a ‘finders fee’ for helping me out here!! -K

We just have the NYs lined up for this sale; we’re going to be doing a sale on Filets for Valentine’s Day though :slight_smile: I’ll probable throw the paves in that sale as well; I love pairing those two steaks. Similar size/incredibly different flavors -K

3 20oz ny strips. 4 wagyu/ny combos. Yum!

In again - NY strip combo.

How “funky” is the older?

In for the “Older Years”! Love some dry aged Flannery!

Bryan, is there a correspondence between weight and thickness (for the 12 and 16 NY)?

I just ordered the NY Strip/Wagyu combo to go to my son in Sebastapol in time for my visit there in a couple of weeks. My freezer is packed with Flannery so I doubt I will be ordering anything for home.

Might be a stupid question, but how do you get 35% off the NY Steak? Still shows $42 per 12oz piece even if I click the link.

Nevermind, found the code, my aging eyes…