Flannery Beef - Putting you in the Dry Aging Driver's Seat (plus some timeless favs)

The Down & Dirty:
Awesome discounts on crazy good beef.

One more quick update: Dad and I are leaving our computers for a while, and since neither of us are hip enough to know how to reply here on our phones, don’t hesitate to call or text us with any questions!! Bryan’s cell: 415-819-4366, and Katie’s: 415-205-2759. [cheers.gif]

How To Order
Each of the items listed above are also links that will take you to that product’s page on our website. Simply fill up your shopping cart with whatever quantities of the steaks and when you’re ready to check out, head to the Shopping Cart page and enter the code “Berserkers2018” in the Coupon Code box, and click “Apply Coupon”. Three years later and we still haven’t updated our site, so bear with us as this part can be a bit confusing. There are two areas to enter codes, one is for Coupon Codes, the second is for Gift Card Codes. Make sure you enter the code “Berserkers2018” in the Coupon Code section. Since the Custom Aged products are only visible to you guys, we’ve applied the 15% discount directly to the items; if that’s the only item you’re purchasing, no need to worry about the coupon code!

Since we are limiting the ‘choose your own aging’ adventure to BerserkerDay participants only, please note that you won’t be able to search for those items on our site. Use the direct link at the top of the page to get there, and if all else fails and you wish to join us in technological ineptitude, call us :slight_smile: 415-819-4366 (Bryan), 415-205-2759 (Katie)

A note from Katie:
This year, we’re coming to the table with a mix of our tried and true favorites, along with some crazy stuff that took me a while to convince Dad to sign off on.

Our ‘safe space’ Berserker Day offering is to introduce a limited supply of 60-day Dry Aged California Reserve New York Steaks, and to knock 30% off the price of both these longer aged ones as well as our traditional 30-day aged New York Steaks. For anyone who has not tried the longer aged steaks, you won’t see too much of a tenderness difference between these and the 30-day aged, but the flavor profile will change. At this age level the steak presents with a more ‘funky’ flavor, as the additional 30 days of aging has allowed further moisture evaporation, thus intensifying the natural flavor of the beef.

We start to get a bit edgy with a new cut that we’re introducing – a Wagyu Pavé. The Wagyu is great with its high marbling and rich flavor, but the ‘eye’ of the meat (or diameter) is much larger than our California beef. The smaller CA beef allows us to cut a 12oz steak that will come out between 1.25-1.5” thick, whereas a 12oz cut from the Wagyu would barely be 1” thick. So to get the best of both worlds, we’ve trimmed the starting primal of all perimeter fat, and split down the middle to get steaks that are about 2.5-3” thick, with a weight of 6-8oz, similar in shape and size to a filet. For a fun comparison, cook one of these beauties up next to a filet and you’ll understand why we always harp on the filet for having minimal flavor :slight_smile:

Now to get weird. For today only, and limited to you Berserkers… We’re giving you the chance to sit in the “Dry Aging Driver’s Seat”. Choose between a whole Shortloin primal or an entire Rib and tell us exactly what you want us to do. How long to age it, and how to fabricate it when it’s ready. We’re putting up one limitation - we’re going to cap the maximum dry age at 50 days tops. I suppose this means it’s not the full drivers seat, but still better than training wheels! But for any of you that want to go even weirder, we’ve got one more trick up our sleeve…

…enter the 107 Rib. Quick terminology lesson: there’s a handy publication produced by the North American Meat Association called “The Meat Buyer’s Guide”. It compiles photos and descriptions of all major beef cuts in a single reference document. Without getting too into the weeds, when we bring in ribs we use the 109 specs. But for this event, we’ve broken tradition and brought in a small amount of 107 ribs. The main difference between the two is the amount of fat and bone that is left on the rib; the 107 ribs will weight almost 50% more than the 109s, but that extra weight is primarily fat and a bit of cartilage. That said, it’s a badass piece of meat. It’s roughly the same amount of finished steaks as the usual 109 rib, but the fat and bone surround almost the entirety of the rib itself, acting as a protective shield and letting us take these bad boys all the way to 95 days.

That said, sometimes it’s good to take a step back and ask yourself ‘just because I can do something, should I?” And being 100% honest, jury’s split on this one. You will get a very pronounced aged flavor at the 95 day mark, to the point where it is off-putting to some. On the flip side, it’s fun to experiment and try new things. But remember, you’ve got the wheel here, so it’s entirely up to you how far out to go.

Closing Thoughts from Bryan:
I think offering the 107 Rib is nuts, but then again you guys are nuts…. so maybe I’ve reached equilibrium in life.

Meat. Good.

Woohoo! Thanks Bryan and Katie!!!

So is the age on the 107 capped at 50 days? Just curious 'cause your description says it can go to 95 but the website caps it at 50.

107 or 109… what do do… what to do…

Oh Yea!!!

After taking the plunge last year on Berserker Day, I’m hooked. This one didn’t take long to think about.

In for some 60 day steaks. If only I had a bigger freezer.

New York’s, Wagyu and a Short Loin to restock the freezer!!

my wife is gonna kill me. I just got a whole 109.

oh god… this is bad…

Ah my fault! Too much copy/pastin’, not enough proofreading! Fixed to read up to 95 days on the 107 rib! (-k)




When she kicks you out with the 109 of course I have an extra room for you [basic-smile.gif]

And you are bringing to Falltacular, yeah? [snort.gif]

Questions please :slight_smile: i keep wanting to try but never sure if i can eat all that meat.

  1. does the meat come in a vacuum pack?
  2. can i just throw the pack in a regular freeze for 6 months?
  3. ground shipping to WA is 2 days. is that going to be ok? does it come with some ice packs or wouldnt’ the meat go back in 2 days outside a fridge?
  4. if i adjust quantities… i sometimes get FREE ground shipping… why is that? what’s the threshold?


Easy order! Thanks Bryan and Katie!

Order in and added some helluva deal Saratogas

Wagyu, New York all day long thanks Brian and Katie!

Yes, they are vacuum packed and ship with ice packs. I’ve done 2 day to Atlanta in summer with no problem. As for freezing, from last year’s BD thread:

I said: “I recently had a mismatched ribeye that has been in my freezer since May 2014 and I noticed no decline in quality.”

Bryan Flannery added: “Absolutely no problem to freeze til Super Bowl (could even keep em till Super Bowl 2018). The dry aging process changes the water content in the beef - once dry aged the steaks aren’t susceptible to texture variances when frozen/thawed.

I’m in the same camp as Mike Evans - I’ve pulled steaks out of my freezer that had been in there god knows how long without any flavor/texture issue.”