Flannery Beef - 30% Off Ribeyes & New Yorks, & 30% off Special 60-Day Dry Aged Ribeyes

Flannery Beef BerserkerDay Sale
30% off CA Reserve New Yorks

  • Arguably the most popular steak, the New York delivers both flavor and tenderness without a lot of fat. We dry age these for approx 30-35 days, then cut and trim fresh the day they ship.

30% off CA Reserve Ribeye Steaks

  • The top of the charts when it comes to flavor. While Ribeyes have slightly more internal fat than a New York, they deliver a flavor that can’t be beat. Like our CA New Yorks, these are dry aged 30-35 days, and shipped fresh.

30% off CA Reserve Special 60-Day Aged Ribeye Steaks

  • IT HAPPENED - WE’RE OUT OF STOCK. You guys are insane. Based on the popularity we’ve seen here, we’re planning on going for a “round 2” in the early spring. This later sale will just include the special aged Ribeyes – our craziest sales we like to reserve for BerserkerDay. Make sure you’re a subscriber by next year to take advantage of the preview day!

    If you weren’t able to snag some of these 60-Day Ribeyes during this sale, send me a PM. We’ll announce the spring sale through our newsletter, but I’ll get a 24-hour advance preview to all you Berserkers.

We wanted to do something a little unique this year. And since I can’t think of a group more interested in taste comparisons, we came up with one for you. With a couple exceptions (Filet, Hanger, Skirt), we Dry Age all our beef in house, generally keeping it to the 30-35 day range. We’ve had more inquiries about longer aging within the last couple months, so we decided to do something about it and launch it here with the Berserkers.

Back in the beginning of December we set aside 30 whole ribs with the goal of having them double our baseline age in time for this event. This batch of Special 60-Day Aged Ribeyes is an opportunity to taste the effects of an additional 25 to 30 days age over what we typically do. Might even be fun to do side by side with the younger aged.

So you know what you’re getting into, the flavor profile on the older ones will be more intense, almost nutty; not overpowering but noticeable. Texture will be firmer when raw, but equally tender cooked. Tend to cook a little quicker, only slightly, but be aware. If you have been waiting to pair something with that BIG Red in your cellar, this is it!

As I mentioned above, we are launching a custom aging program next month where you can decide on how many days age you want and we will custom age to that length. This will only be available in whole ribs/loins which will then be cut to your specs. So here’s the chance to try this without committing to a whole piece. We only have 30 primals at this age, so quantity is limited, be sure to grab some fast!

How To Order

  • Clicking on the links underneath each of the items listed above will take you to that product’s page on our website. Simply fill up your shopping cart with whatever quantities of the steaks and when you’re ready to check out, head to the Shopping Cart page and enter the code “Berserkers2016” in the Coupon Code box, and click “Apply Coupon”. We like to make sure our customers are paying attention and have made this part a little tricky - there are two areas to enter codes, one is for Coupon Codes, the second is for Gift Card Codes. Make sure you enter the code “Berserkers2016” in the Coupon Code section. (The real reason behind this is simply that we’re a helluva lot better at beef than we are at technology!)

For anyone wanting to take advantage of the sale but delay shipment till a later date, the 60-Day Ribeyes need to ship by February 3rd at the latest. If you’re sticking to the baseline 30-day New Yorks & Ribeyes, you can select as far out a ship date as you wish during checkout.

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First time buyer here. I’m in and can’t wait! Thank you.

Birthday presents ordered.

Thanks Bryan. You’ve got great meat. blush

In for some assorted treats.

Ordered the BFR (24oz)!

Got some 60 day aged ribeyes and a dozen hangers.

Ordered some 60 day for dinner this weekend…

Got some 35 day and 60 day ribeyes and some NY Strips for me and some coworkers

So you trim off the hard shoe leather end. How do those of us burger fanatics who custom make burger blends with Waygu fat and ground dry aged beef ends go “full retard” and get some of the 60 day dried ends to grind into the custom burger blends we make in the Burger Builder?

Are you guys freezing or eating right away?

So that was deliciously expensive.

Jay - Katie here (taking over for Dad, he’s a slow typist :stuck_out_tongue: ). If you get an order in during this sale, add a burger blend in, select the Dry Aged Ends, and just leave us a note in the “comment” box during checkout to use the Super Dry Aged Ends. Be careful who you serve the burgers to though - that flavor profile is definitely not for the uninitiated!!

Both, will freeze most of mine and enjoy for the next few months

Can you please elaborate on your meat sourcing and their raising practices?

Do these come in vaccum packs that go straight to freezer or do i need a vacuum machine?

and how long can u freeze this for without degrading the quality?

Vacuum packed already. I have had ones frozen for several months with no issues.

Will the 60-day versions freeze well? I do not have access to our grill until 4/1.


Edited; Dumbass Anton got it to work!


Very exciting offer and thank you in advance!