Flannery Beef - 30% off CA New York Steaks

Now, you may not know, I’ve been a Berserker since April 2009 in Dallas (see photo below). And it’s taken me this long to convince my wife that this was a business trip. Now that she’s finally believing me, we’re ready to rock’n’roll.

As a way of welcoming myself back, I’m giving all Berserkers (myself included) a 30% discount off my California Reserve New York Steaks. Head over to http://www.flannerybeef.com, fill up your cart, and use coupon code “berserkers2015” during checkout.

And by the way, anyone in this photo who can send me an message confirming that this was in fact business-related that I can use as corroboration to my wife, will get an extra 10% off. Seriously, we’re ok, but it wouldn’t hurt.


ps: if your freezer’s full, don’t start throwing stuff out just yet. During checkout, there’s a nifty function for you to indicate what date you’d like your steaks to ship out, however far in the future.

I don’t see anywhere to enter a coupon code, but maybe that’s because I need to wait until tomorrow?

P.S. I haven’t seen someone swarmed by that many babes since those Tom Vu informercials back in the 1990s. :slight_smile:

I’ve got better pictures from that night…

You shouldn’t BE trying to enter a coupon code, should you? Not available until tomorrow, Chris!


When you’re at the checkout screen you can enter it. Code isn’t active till tmrw

Can’t wait for tomorrow. My current stock is almost gone and I need to reload.

I assume we can add other things to our order (though not discounted)?

Bryan, Thanks for the great BerserkerDay offer ! Even though I’m not in the photo, as an attendee of FlanneryFest in April, 2009, I can attest that your trip was most definitely business related. If you need an email or private message to that effect, let me know and I’ll send it

I can certainly prove it to his wife, for the event was NAMED for him - FlanneryFest!!

My first laugh of the day! This is hilarious.

And the proof is the wine glass in the photo, I’ll swear to it. [whistle.gif]

I am so in. Tomorrow, of course.

Now people can stop bitching at me about being able to order Flannery!

Speaking of…I need to eat breakfast!

As one of those bitchers, I thank you!

Now I can go to work!


trying to order, not getting the 30% off … what is going on?

Found it thanks

enter the code, then scroll to the bottom, it includes the discount. not shown at the top

I got beef!! [winner.gif]

It’s there. Go to your shopping cart. Once you put in the code, scroll to the bottom.

HOWEVER, for some reason, the 30% off only applies to one order of New York Steaks. So if you order two separate sizes – say 4 of the 12 oz. and 4 of the 16 oz. – 30% is taken off only the 4 12 ouncers.

In! Thank you, Dr. Flannery!