First Inhale the lemon

2011 Coche-Dury Meursault 1er Cru Les Perrieres
This is like inhaling a slightly sulphur-tinged sherbet of lemon and chalk. A rigid mineral spine tightly wound with fruit. And after what seems an age, the tongue inexplicably receives a fresh squeeze of lemon by way of adieu.
Day 2: no change.
Bloody marvellous!

Thanks for the note Jeremy. Bloody marvellous is what it should be of course :slight_smile:
Any thoughts on how this compares to other vintages?

Hi Rauno. I have only had the 09, ’10 and now ’11 Coche Perrieres so can’t provide any broad overview. Of those 3 my notes show the ‘09 as the perceptibly denser fruited wine. And there seemed little between the ’10 and ’11 which has caused me to re-think my evaluation of 2011 whites (at least for GC or should-be-GC wines). With this 2011 one is left with the impression of barely restrained taut, mineral, energy.
By the way – are you related to the Rene Engel family and, if so, are you sitting on a stash of his wines down there in NZ?

Sadly, if Rene and I are distantly related we are still to join the dots. And I am wondering just how good/great the white 11s will turn out to be - though Coche may not be a representative sample point of course!

Rauno I recently had a superb 2011 Ramonet BBM which I will post a note on.
By way of 2010/2011 comparisons the Jacques Carillon 2011 village and premier cru wines I have tried are excellent but (and this is to take nothing away from the 2011s) the 2010s show a step up in energy and material in the wines.