First impression of the german vintage 2015

So, here is the first impression of the upcoming german vintage 2015. It´s not about hype, just a first snapshot of the vintage. Fair to say I am surprised and the vintage looks indeed promising, as I thought it could maybe an opulent&alcoholic vintage due to the hottest year ever in Germany since weather recordings. But the high acidity of the vintage keeps everything in balance.

2015 von Winning Sauvignon Blanc II

This entry-level Sauvigon Blanc is not opulent or alcoholic, instead shows a remarkable balance with a lovely fruit, spice, density, drinking pleasure and 12%.

Also surprisingly quite open and accessible already. This means you don´t have to wait a few months. Open a bottle right now and enjoy. Here in Germany for 11 Euro at Pinard de Picard.


Weird weather in 2015, we were in the Mosel in August, we had a 25 degree (Celsius) swing in that week.


during summertime I thought, OMG this vintage will be a new 2003. But it seems we had luck. Fair to say, I have to have to taste many more wines from 2015 for a final verdict.


I’ll be visiting a dozen or so growers in April as well as attending the Weinboerse.
I’m excited!!