Finally joined a Seattle wine party. (Vatan, Rougeard, Allemand, Grillet, '08 P. Peters Chetillons, E-O Coteaux, PYCM, more) with photos

I walked in the door and didn’t know a single person, although it turns out I knew some from here and the old Squires board. I’d been invited to a Seattle pizza and wine night a few times, and finally managed to make it to one (and I’m really happy I did). I didn’t take notes on everything; there were dozens of bottles opened, almost all worthy of contemplation and praise. These are just the ones I personally tried and photographed.

The hosts generously opened a magnum of 2016 Edmond Vatan Sancerre Clos la Néore. I’ve never had a Sauvignon Blanc quite like Vatan’s wines, or ones that I enjoy as much. Dagueneaus are different too, but a bit bombastic for me. This Vatan was crisp and mineraled, yet with an almost oily mouthfeel. Grassy lemon and grapefruit, apricot. I loved this.

I brought my last 2005 Château-Grillet as I knew the hosts liked Viognier. I don’t always, but like my last two bottles, I was enamored by the wine. Delicious and aromatic. Pear, citrus, honeysuckle. Great mineral notes, and luscious texture despite its grace. This was my best bottle to date (and likely the last I’ll ever try from this vintage).

2013 Clos Rougeard Saumur-Champigny was another from the hosts. Red and black fruit, violets, and maybe a touch of pyrazine. Very good.

2008 Thierry Allemand Cornas Chaillot. My bottle, so I might be biased. This opened very clean for an Allemand, quite pretty and perfumed. Red fruit and violet. With air it became much savage and funky, with olives, bacon and herbs. Medium bodied, it caught my attention. The bottle distinguished itself on a night with many other outstanding wines.

2020 Gonon St. Joseph. Another guest brought this. I’ve found these often shut down tightly for years/decades, but this was wide open. All primary for now. Black and red berries. Lively, a great bottle with good promise. Needs lots of time. Might have been unfair to follow the older Allemand.

Next I tried two St. Aubin blancs brought by guests. This first was an unknown (to me) producer. 2021 Jérome Fornerot Saint-Aubin En Remilly. I could drink this every day. A charming wine, with a little bit of everything I like; a little citrus, a little flinty mineral. It may not satisfy my craving for PYCM and H. Lamy En Remilly, which are now priced out of my comfort zone, but this offers excellent value if the cost I overheard was accurate.

2017 Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey Saint-Aubin Hommage à Marguerite. I do love PYCM St. Aubins, and this was no exception. A bit more oomph than the Fornerot, more glycerin in the mouthfeel, and that PYCM matchstick. It doesn’t have the richness of La Chateniére or the focus and minerality of the his En Remilly, but is still quite lovely.

2020 Egly-Ouriet Coteaux Champenois Cuvée des Grands Côtés Vieilles Vignes Rouge Ambonnay brought by a guest. My first of these, and far and away the best Coteaux I’ve ever had. Really, one of the best young pinots I’ve ever tasted. This wine took my breath away, and I came back to the glass over and over again, to swirl, sniff and taste. If I ever see this wine again, I will make sure it makes its way to my cellar or is immediately savored.

There were a bunch of champagnes. A really nice magnum of Bereche, but I didn’t note which or photograph it. Two Hebrarts from a guest; a grower I like a lot.

2016 Marc Hébrart Clos Le Léon I’d never seen this single vineyard BdB cuvée. Viscous, white fruit. I loved it, although that night, I think I preferred the Noces de Craie, even though I usually favor a BdB.

2015 Hébrart Noces de Craie. I believe the same person brought this. Dense pinot fruit, crisp, gorgeous. Drinking well now, but will improve.

2008 Pierre Péters Champagne BdB Les Chetillons. I brought this as a back up in case my other bottles didn’t show well. I should know better. As the nights go on, I always open everything. This was a show-stopper. More oxidative than my last bottle, but just as gorgeous. An intense wine, perfectly straddling power and grace. Lemon cream, warm yeasty brioche, chamomile, gingerbread, hazelnut. Serving it a little colder might have reigned in the intensity for more balance, but it might not have had the same impact.

The hosts opened another late bottle, succumbing to the same temptation I had with the Chetillons. 2017 Giovanni Canonica Barolo Paiagallo. I feared it would be tight poured straight from the bottle, but it was surprisingly open. Another beautiful bottle on a gorgeous night.

A sip of chartreuse to end a perfect night. There were so many other great wines; Saxum, some Jura red and white wines, a couple of Riesling, a bunch of Ken Wright Pinots, a Produttori del Barbaresco cru and more. Those Seattle folks throw a fun wine soiree.



paging @Mark_Y

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@Warren_Taranow Great meeting you! It’s amazing, when you introduced yourself as Warren, i did not connect the dots as the Warren Taranow of WB! (I was the really late guest that had the 20 Gonon)

Fun event as always that Travis and Mario hosts!
I almost didn’t make it… had dinner plans and told Trav that 2 days notice is a bit short :wink: even though this is already an extended version of his normal 4 hour heads up practices :smiley:

Had dinner, had some wine, on my way home… only to be told by a friend that the party is ongoing and I had to make a call of of “go home, have an early night of sleep, or go to Travis’s house”… well, was glad i had a backup wine in my bag :wink:

Missed the pair of 08s (chetty/allemand), altho no doubt the Chetty is delish. Was saved some of the Rougeard, Vatan, and a bit of Takahiko… Of course these events never have a shortage of wine… but what’s really fun is the eclectic fun crowd that gets together… speaks to the magnetic personalities of the hosts. Fun evening! Look forward to the next one in the fall gang.

This is quite the lineup!

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Great to meet you. There was a fun crowd with fantastic wines (and pizza too). It made my journey from Bellingham and hotel stay worthwhile. I too didn’t connect the dots with your Berserker handle. Glad you could make it, and thanks for bringing the Gonon. If I can make it down, I’ll see you the next time.

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@Mark_Y, I just realized another reason why I enjoyed the night so much. It was a party with great wines rather than a wine tasting. Bring what you want, open it when you want, stack them up. The informality eschewed rigidity or pomp, making it a celebration rather than an investigative or analytic gathering. That’s how I want to drink good wine with fun people. I edited the title to a “wine party” rather than a “tasting”.


Yah definitely agree… Travis’s place is always super enjoyable, and that ‘gathering/celebration’ aspect is a big part why… It’s just good folks having fun, and for the most part, that’s what makes it great…