FFS people, it was an April fools joke. You can stop sending me PM’s. Especially Bobby.

Am leaving DC for greener pastures and have two wine fridges worth of stuff that won’t be coming with me. All well below WS low to move fast.

Usual rules apply - buyer pays shipping, DC handoff preferred. PM for details. Preference given to multiple bottle purchases.

2008 Pierre Peters Chetillons x6 $135
1999 Pierre Peters Chetillons X3 $175
1996 Salon x4 $300
1996 Ruinart BdB mag X3 $350

Dirty and Rowdy “J and B Reserve Barrel” Skinner Mourvèdre (2004) mag x1 $170
1991 Ridge Monte Bello x6 OWC $1200 for all
Beaulieu GDL vertical 1959-1978, all base neck or higher - $2000

2010 Clos Rougeard Bourg x4 $220
2006 Clos rougeard Poyeaux x1 $275
2004 Clos rougeard Poyeaux x2 $275
1959 Huet Le Mont 1er trie $285

2010 DRC Echezeaux $1500
2010 DRC Corton $750
2010 DRC La Tache $2100
2008 DRC RC $3000
2004 DRC RC $2750
2000 DRC Grands Exhezeaux $1600
1999 DRC La Tache $1900

Other stuff
2006 Noel Verset Cornas X3 $150
2005 Noel Verset Cornas $250
1991 Gentaz-Dervieux $650
1974 Vega Sicilia Unico x5 $120
1802 Acciaioly Malmsey $1800
1937 D’Oliveiras Sercial $180

(Edited for price reductions)


PM sent.

PM sent as well!

April Fools, Guys! After more than a half dozen folks PM’d me, I started to feel bad for folks getting their hopes up for -profoundly- underpriced gems.

But I’m on theother side of the planet right now!!! It’s April 2nd!!!
Hahaha. Nice one.

FFS. That’s cruel.

Lol. I was wonder why those Romanée contis were so cheap!

Ha. Got me 3 times. I hadn’t even scrolled past the offer!

Noah, Why won’t you respond to my PMs??? I have sent multiple PMs. You need to answer. I responded first.

I already took the DRCs. They are in my house now.

Will trade case of Saint Cloud bourbon for 1802 Acciaioly Malmse.

thanks for an easy deal! and thanks for the extra 20% off case discount.

All the wines are spoken for. Traded to Scott for a case of nonexistent bourbon and a truckload of BMW parts.

Haha!! Seems your joke backfired.