Fevre Les Clos 2002

It wasn’t premoxed. It was too cold. I pulled it out of the fridge and served it immediately to myself. The nuances were lost in a crystal pure mountain river. I don’t want to spend $70-100 for crystal pure mountain river water. One of the purest wines I have ever had. When I put the cork back in the bottle, it was still too cold. Something needs to be done about this.

Day Two it was fine, complex, much richer, whatever. But that was too late to make the Day One experience what it should have been.

Shame on them.

Like serving it at the proper temperature.

Obsequious apologist pointschasing bandwagon shill. I trust my palate and I know what I tasted. Too cold!

Last one Mel & I had was at Marshall Store in 2010. Wine got old and a bit tired over the course of 45-60 minutes. Thankfully oysters great.

That’s a premox or poorly stored. Mine was bulletproof and would have lasted 15 years. Lately I’m 2 for 3 but the revious good one was at magnificent peak. This was a baby.

I love Marshall. They have a store?

You in town 3/29?

You know, I get absolutely incensed when I make it too cold. People should die, or the weather should warm up.

Throw it in teh microwave next time and treat it rough!

I was just about to say that my experience was that the wines were either hopelessly premoxed, or mere infants and thus in need of more years. I have not had a single one that was any where close to a peak (magnificent or not).

BTW, domain, or non-domaine?

I don’t think I’ve ever bought a non-domaine. It’s psychologically like getting Maison Leroy instead of Domaine Leroy, the former overpriced and the latter made out of unobtanium for me. Premier Cru is good about distinguishing the two Fevres. (oh crap here comes thread drift). The price difference between Domaine Fevre and non-Domaine is so small, why settle? Esp. Bougerots Bougerots, why buy non-Domaine when this is around for 50 or less (assuming you like New England shellfish)?

My one bottle at perfect peak was, I believe, slightly premoxed, Seriously. Deep deep deep wine. People underestimate non-poxed Fevre because they can taste like water when young, but (I learned slowly) that’s just a different kind of closed. When very young all I can find is minerality, the other stuff comes much later. Air really helps, 24 hours open not 2.

God bless Henriot.

It’s not you. It’s the people who built the refrigerator. They are AFWE snobs.

I seriously have had many glasses of (red only, the more rustic the better) wine from ten seconds in the microwave. The wine then is really weird and Frankensteinian, with micropockets of warm and cold, it then requires the equivalent of stirring…and presto! It’s a VERY good, poor man’s Coravin, open then fridge door then microwave. (Oh crap I’m using caps like Roberto to show how right I am)

I tried a chick at that temperature once.

Much better to go for the war up protocol.

Just saying’.

Irresponsible thread title. Suppose there was a wine called “Chadwick”? How would you like a thread titled,“Flawed Chadwick” just because someone drank it too cold?

That’s the wrong reason but we really should have such a thread.

You are no longer in my will. The Buddha with the clock in its belly shall go to charity.

I thought about that. I’d agree with you if half of the bottles of this wine weren’t flawed by premox. I don’t think I’m hurting the very bad reputation of this bottling. Are you familiar with this wine and the severe problems with it?

George: When I saw the title of the thread, my first thought was another damn bottle of premoxed Fevre Chablis, and I started not to even open the thread. Then when I saw the OP, I thought, geez, don’t these guys get enough bad publicity with actual flawed bottles. Certainly mild by comparison with a lot that goes on here, but not if you are the winery.

I had 15 bottles of 2004 Fevre Les Clos, 8 which have been drunk over the last couple of years. Each has been pristine and better than the ones before, due to the additional aging. My luck has been so good that I’m going to gamble with the remaining 7 and hold until between 15 and 20 years from the vintage date. Just hoping that my luck holds out.