Fevre Hipster Edition Chablis?

I just heard about this. Is this the beginning of things to come? https://www.thedrinksbusiness.com/2014/10/william-fevre-releases-hipster-chablis/

I could be wrong, but this doesn’t look like a US market item. Then again, I have no true feel for items like this. If it was Champagne, I could see if being successful. Chablis? Hard to say.

Here’s what it looks like…note the bottle glows in the dark!:

That image is from this:


Like I said the other day…“The End Is Near”.
Am so glad I’m not a hipster. I wonder if these folks resent that sobriquet and
feel insulted by the marketing directed at them??? I would.

Europe has hipsters? I thought that was made in America!

I thought you had to be American, and pretend you were European??? [wow.gif]

If a winery is going to have a wine with hipster packaging shouldn’t they have one with balla packaging?

There’s approximately zero chance that hipsters will purchase something targeted directly at them. Though maybe other people will?

I agree. I know this was an attempt to 20-somethings interested in chablis…unfortunately it looks more like something a teenager would draw during jr or sr high.

Don’t hipsters buy tons of “craft beer” that is targeted at them though?

What truly awful packaging: overly messy and with conflicting presentation, plus throw in some random cheesey words. It’s truly cringeworthy.

My wife just had her hip replaced and I’ve got arthritis in my right hip. Does that make us hipsters? Does it mean we are allowed/required to like this wine?

I think you’re hippies, not hipsters.


Chris now that I think about it a better word is “marketed” instead of “targeted”. I think you’re right that lots of stuff is indeed targeted towards them, certain craft beers in particular. Perhaps that’s a distinction without a difference, and perhaps I’m also full of shit.

Whoever came up with this idea is very confused. A bottle designed to glow in the black light is not designed for hipsters. I know many hipsters and NONE of them own black lights. Now this is marketed towards a certain crowd, just not hipsters. Now put the bottle in organic flannel with suspenders and have it include a beard comb and then it would be marketed towards hipsters…

Also this idea of making a glow in the dark bottle is nothing new, I believe Dom P still currently has one available, if not they did for a while. I agree with whomever said this reminds them of Champagne marketing. The mustache at the bottom leans hipster, but the rest of it is just very confused. Whatever marketer came up with this idea is clearly out of touch with reality…

Ok I will risk the wrath of the board. What is wrong with it? An attempt to try a something different with packaging is the end of all things? No wonder wine has such a stuck up and pompous reputation. Anything that may show signs of life and or fun is put down. This is not targeted or marketed to people with cellars or those of us who are over 50 which I believe is the majority of the posters on this site. It’s says to me that wine doesn’t have to be that serious. It should be fun.

It seems like it’s actually aimed more at the rave / Coachella type crowd than this kind of hipster:

Hi Robert
As mentioned above, the design is a mess of styles, from very clumsy and already passé ‘hipster’ imagery at the bottom, through more traditional information at the top, and then this random glow in the dark concept as well. I’d liken it to a cook who thinks great cuisine is just a matter of more ingredients, versus one who recognises key ingredients that work, finding the balance between them and then preparing it well.

So it’s not that they attempted to develop different packaging (no problem at all with them doing this), but rather it was confused and quite amateur. There are wonderfully stylish labels out there, but typically they take an idea and deliver it well, rather than throwing disparate ideas at it. The earlier comment about it looking like the work of a teenager is very fitting.

As an aside, yes the wine world is very stuffy and I’m very much of the mindset that it is held back by the false mystique and seemingly arcane inside knowledge. If they really wanted to shake up the stuffy world of wine they could have done something (gasp) like putting the name of the grape used, but that’s illegal in that wine region.