Feeling optimistic - Burgundy Hotel recommendations for July?

Hi All - after a 2020 of cancelled travel plans, we’re feeling optimistic and scheduled a trip to Paris/Burgundy/Champagne over the summer. Hopefully it happens!

We were looking for recommendations of hotels in or near Beaune. Def open to all recommendations around the area, but booking a nice hotel so it’s off our minds is the top priority for now.


A zillion options, but my personal preference is Levernois.

I’m sure. We try to stay at Relias and Chateaux property when possible, but we’d really like a place with a Pool and somewhat “quaint” feeling while still being close to Beaune.

One of the better places we used to stay on the Kermit Lynch buying trips: ⇒ Hotel Le Cep Beaune - Luxury 5-Star Hotel in Beaune, Burgundy


Levernois, L’ Hotel de Beaune, Chez Les Fatien or Jardin des Lois. These are all fantastic The first two are luxe. The last two comfortable and less expensive.

I would also check out this belonging to Bruno Colin. In Beaune. 41 Maufoux By Bruno Colin

L’Hotel is great as well.
But, there is not a pool and I am not sure if any hotel “in” Beaune has a pool.
Maybe there is one in a basement somewhere.

I have not stayed here, but people have said great things:

Makes sense on “in” beaune. We’d love to be just outside the city (we will have a car) and have an outdoor pool.

I’d do the airbnb route then if you want a pool.

Lots and lots of options.

Hm, this is a good call. Thank you!

we stayed in an airbnb for beaune in 2019, it was excellent. Tons of parking and spacious. Similar in pricing to hotels

Again, Don, you and I are aligned in hotels. We’ve stayed at all of these and recommend the Levernois (out of town and Michelin 1*) and Chez les Fatien (walk to anywhere in Beaune) and Jardin des Lois (across the peripherique to walk, but close)

At least for now, this is where we decided to book. Seems to check all the boxes. Pool, views, charm, restaurant, near Beaune.


Clos du Colombier looks very nice, and I love that village and its wines, but I noted that the Tripadvisor review of Sept 2020 says there is no AC, which may or may not be an issue in July.


We absolutely loved staying here and recommended it to a friend and they loved it as well.

Have stayed at many places. But now only stay at Le Cep. Just so convenient in the center of Beaune. I do not look for super luxe in wine country.

I’m a fan of L’Hotel. It is one of my favorite small hotels in France.

We have stayed at the Chateau Gilly in between Dijon and Beaune a number of times. It has beautiful grounds and a pool.

Glad to here ale CEP is still in high regard. Especially nice if you have status in the SLH chain (which only requires 4 nights I think), as that gave me a nice upgrade and free breakfast with a fabulous Burgundian cheese board.
It’s also affiliated now with Hyatt. Although I expected at least 15% more (sometimes much more) booking through Hyatt to get points, when I checked a day in May just now, they were the same. They don’t give necessarily the same benefits to folks with Hyatt status, but worth checking out. (25k points/night if you want to go that route)

Received this on Wednesday. A lot going on at Le Cep.