FedEx sucks again

“Package damaged in transit. Returning to shipper.”

At least they didn’t try to deliver the purple box of broken glass to you …


I laughed out loud on that one. [rofl.gif]

They’re so chaotic.

I had a delivery of wine scheduled a couple of weeks ago for a Thursday. They called me on Wednesday to verify that someone would be available to sign for the box. Stayed home all day on Thursday. They never showed.

Now it’s Friday and I have 3 packages coming via FedEx. 2 cases of wine and something from Amazon. The Amazon package arrives around 10:30 AM. One case of wine shows at 2:30 PM. and the other case of wine comes at 2:35. Different drivers. Different trucks. 5 minutes apart. Inefficient and dumb.

And yet you still keep doing business with them… [shock.gif]

Not a lot of choices…wineries/retailers either use FedEx or UPS. That’s pretty much it for national fulfillment. And, yeah, they both have issues.

As a consumer, I have no choice. Retailers ship how they ship.

I have better luck with UPS but others have voiced a preference for FedEx.

I have asked wineries and wine shops that use FedEx if I could go UPS instead. It rarely works. There are a few wineries I have now dropped because they only use FedEx, and a few more are coming soon.

I’m a fedex fan…funny how that goes…I hate UPS…
Sorry for your hassle.

I’m with Dennis. UPShit in South Florida sucks the big one! I so prefer Fed Ex. Sorry to hear about your issue.

Agree with Albert, FedEx is the way to go in South FL. Sorry for your troubles David.

UPS in NYC for me. If something perishable ships Fedex I elect the “ship and hold at location” which is only four blocks from where I live.

I suspect it is more a function of the ‘last mile’ delivery. A good driver/delivery person goes a long way.


Not this time. Damaged at the hub.

Since I moved to Denver, I literally have not seen the same fedex delivery guy once (I do see many of the same UPS crew). In nearly 3 years, not once did they same person make a delivery to our place. They either have a huge crew with random routes or the personnel turnover is constant.

For both fedex and UPS (who both suck in Denver though fedex is worse), I always elect to “pick up a the nearest facility”.

The two separate trucks delivering wine happened to me twice in the past four weeks. Unfortunately in my case, the deliveries came 3 HOURS apart. Epic fail, UPS, the loaders in both cases put the wine on the wrong trucks. FedEx also has a store two blocks from my house where I can pickup. I’d much prefer only FedEx for shipping to me.

Shipping to the office is the way to go! The thought of staying home all day for a package that doesn’t arrive sounds horrific.

In San Francisco on the business route Fed Ex and UPS seem pretty interchangeable, although many wineries use GSO.

Never any issues when I get Fedex shipped to a Fedex print and ship center. They sign and hold it for 5 or 6 business days before returning it. They will also allow someone else to pick up your package if you authorize it.

For me it is all about location. When I lived in NC, UPS was awesome and FedEx sucked. Now in SC, it is the opposite.

I live across the street from a UPS store. I am serviced by the UPS distribution center 20 miles east of my house, which is impossible to get to during business hours (I work west of my house). The UPS store across the street from me is serviced by the UPS distribution center 7 miles west of my house, which is also next to my place of employment.

SOOOO, if I need a package held for pickup, I need to take 1/2 day off work (mild exaggeration) drive past the Greenville distribution center, drive past the UPS store another 20 miles to the Spartanburg distribution center. The Spartanburg center will not allow me to hold for pickup at the UPS store even though the driver goes right past it. I even caught him one time on my street and asked him, and he said he would get in trouble for dropping it off there.

So, my solution is now before I order, I ask the winery who they are using, and then I list my shipping address the UPS store, so the package will be routed via the Greenville center. Problem solved, just highly frustrating that UPS lacks any focus on the customer. It would be easy to drop it off at the UPS store, and I’d happily pay my $5 fee.