Favorite wine related twitter/instagram/facebook feed

What is everyone’s favorite wine related twitter/instagram/facebook feed?

I enjoy Jeremy’s Repast Publication Instagram feed.

I try and stay away from Twitter and Facebook for the most part. Twitter’s SNR is absurd and Facebook is where dreams go to die…

I follow a few Instagrams. It started with leviopenswine, just so I knew when new podcasts were posted. Then sashimoorman. His photos are gorgeous but frustrating because they rarely have descriptions of who and where. Also bedrockmorgan, ownrooted, vinous and rjonwine. I may unfollow rj after the photo of him in the tub this morning.

It is a hurdle that twitter users need to curate their follows ( and often turn off retweets from some accounts) to keep clutter out of their timeline , but after that housekeeping, I find twitter really useful for up to date news. The ability to follow certain Moments (the lightning bolt feature) is pretty useful too.

*disclaimer: I work for twitter, blah blah blah.


This board’s not enough of a time suck?? [swoon.gif]

I generally follow the wineries and writers that I previously would have gone to their websites: so @rhysvineyards, @vinousmedia, @princeofpinot for example