Favorite Waffle Iron ?

We are looking for a waffle iron to make belgian waffles at home. What do you have, and are you happy with it?


No complaints with my Cuisinart

My favorite is the one someone else uses to make me a waffle. [rofl.gif]

No complaints with the Calphalon…

something with removable plates that allow for easy cleaning, I hate cleaning my Cuisinart…pita!

Really? Couple swipes with a wet sponge and I’m good to go.

I could see how removable (dishwasher-safe) plates would nice though.

I love my Waring Pro waffle maker:

The have a Belgium waffle maker also:


I’ll stand by my Waring Pro. Nearly foolproof, but if you forget to put the oil in the mix, the waffles will glue themselves to the griddle.

waffle maker just died. These recommendations are a bit old. Any new rec’s?

I don’t recall the brand but it’s a consumer version of the model you see in hotels that flips over and makes two at a time. Perfect for our family.

We have an all clad belgian wafffle maker. Very nice device and often on sale.

All-Clad 4 Square in this house. Nice device. In fact we are using it today with an overnight yeasted recipe, which is such a vastly superior waffle it boggles the mind.

Chris and I are on the exact same wavelength. Just had those 2 days ago and they are so much better than any other waffle. But gotta plan and mix the night before. There are same day recipes which are still quite good but the overnight yeasted ones are the best.

Yes, the overnight yeasted batter is the way to go. Besides the superior flavor, there is no mixing of ingredients in the morning… just pull it from the fridge and go. We use a Waring Belgian flipper model (Costco, iirc). The waffles freeze OK too.

I have the Breville smart waffle pro 4. Can’t directly compare to the others but it has been amazing. Typically do overnight buttermilk/yeasted and freeze leftovers.