Favorite rack of lamb recipes

the key, of course, is great lamb. I am absolutely sold on Te Mana which I get from www.kaigourmet.com.

I did a classic mustard herb from Gordon Ramsay this past week. Added garlic to the recipe, used more herbs than it called for, and it needs more time in oven than the recipe indicated. Other than that, near perfect.


What’s your favorite?

Hi Alan. Very similar, but I tend to use Dijon, Panko, just a bit of parm and only rosemary (a lot) with s&p.

Sear the fat cap for a minute or two, remove from pan, pour the melted fat from the pan into the bowl with the above dry ingredients and mix into something of a dry paste. Smear the now cooled fat cap with dijon and press on the paste, then back into the pan, crust up in a hot oven until 5-8 degrees under preferred temp, then rest very loosely covered for 5-10 minutes and slice.

Have done the same with ground dried mushrooms instead of rosemary & panko. The rosemary prep cries for something Bordeaux or Rhonish, whereas you can go a bit lighter into a more robust Burg with the dried mushroom prep. I don’t eat lamb much as only my older son enjoys it and I’m not a fan of making 2 different meals unless I have a big craving. I now have a craving.

Take either of the above, cut back on the salt and use chopped black olives

I am in the “lamb is almost self seasoning” camp.

  1. Weber with ‘one coal deep’ briquette deep, cover entire grid. Pretty hot.

  2. Some salt and pepper on lamb.

  3. 7 minutes per side = medium rare.


If you wanna be fancy, toss fresh rosemary sprigs onto coals as your start to cook.

Similar to how I cook it but using the fat into the pinko mix is something I’ll have to try.

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Agreed, though we usually pan sear instead of grill as that gives us a rich pan sauce when added to reduced homemade lamb stock. If you have great meat, it needs little dressing up.

We’ve really enjoyed it with a kind of ghetto ratatouille - sautéed tomatoes, zucchini, garlic confit and herbs.


Earlier this month I cooked rack of lamb sous vide for the first time with good results. Tender, flavorful meat.

I just seasoned it and added some herbs in the sv bag then seared it on a pan just before serving.

I won’t use this method all the time but I’ll definitely do it again.

My go to recipe:

Costco rack of lamb (I’ve bought from specialty meat stores, but didn’t see a huge difference for the price).

Slice into individual chops
Rub with olive oil
Season with pepper, salt and a light dusting of cayenne
In a bowl, mix minced garlic and chopped/cut fresh rosemary
Press in meat
Repeat process on the other side of chops
Put in fridge for 3 hours
Take out at least 30 minutes before grilling
Grill direct over medium heat, about 4-5 minutes per side for medium rare

Nice char and great flavor.

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That’s a great preparation but you’ve turned rack of lamb into lamb chops. [wink.gif]

Ha. You are correct. At least it started as a rack.

I buy the heaviest lamb rack at Costco for easier final temp control. The night before dinner I generously salt it, and add garlic powder, black pepper whole thyme & rosemary sprigs. Then vacuum in a sous vide bag and refrigerate. Next day sous vide 3 hours at 120F then remove, pat dry and brush with EVOO. Grill hot in a Kamado Joe over hardwood lump charcoal, while burning fresh olive branches/leaves and more rosemary, letting it smoke and controlling any intense flame with dampers. Depending on heat/flame level, about 1-2 min per side for color, then repeat, and pull well before 130F. Rest 5-10 min. I serve with cheesy truffled cauliflower mash, and roasted zucchini (all keto).

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Lamb, salt, pepper … quick tweak of bay seasoning (which I use on most meats) then grill or pan sear … love lamb.

My favorite preparation is a Jean-Georges recipe. The lamb (I use a rack instead of just the loin) is coated with mushroom powder (I use Porcini powder I grind in the spice grinder). It’s served with a Leek Purée that’s so simple, but so good.


I am so happy to see other people like Costco lamb!

I also shop for the meatiest rack I can get my hands on!

I look for those in the 1.5 lb range with good marbling visible on the ends.