Favorite Priorat Wines

Hit me with your votes for your favorite Priorat wines (with or without JM’s high scores blahblah ).

I have very little experience with this region and the few that I have tried I don’t remember because they were - well, unremarkable. But, I’m willing to seek out a few to see if it’s the whole region I don’t like or just the ones people have served me.


Mas D’en Compte
Mas Alta
Roquers de Porrera

Clos Erasmus
Clos Mogador
Palacios Finca Dofi
Clos d’Lobac
Mas Doix

Those are the major wineries I really enjoy.

Chris, perhaps not the direction most would go, but I’m going to one of my white standbys, especially for a spirited game of stump the wine geek. The Conreria d’Scala Dei Priorat Vi Blanc “Les Brugueres”, an old vines garnacha blanca of real depth, minerality and food pairing flexibility. When I first began buying it a few years ago, it could be had for under $20, but it’s rarely south of $30 these days. Still worth seeking out, even with the steeper tariff.

Alvaro Palacios L’Ermita
Rotllan Torra Tirant
Trio Infernal No. 2/3
Clos Martinet

+1 for Mas Doix, particularly thier ‘second’ wine called Salanques.

Vall Llach, Clos Erasmus & Clos Martinet.

Salanques sucks, it’s like drinking an Oak tree.

If you must drink a 2nd wine, I’d go with the Clos Erasmus Laurel.

Haven’t tasted a lot of 'rats, but like Alvaro Palacios “Les Terrasses”

I disagree on the oakiness of Salanques. Laurel is super ripe and I’ve had a lot of VA laden bottles lately :frowning:

My favorites?

Clos Mogador
Mas Doix VV & Mas Doix Salanques
Rotllan Torra Tirant
Clos Martinet
Trio Infernal 1/3 & 2/3
Galena & Clos Galena

Seek out this new one…


+1, although with the price increase, I have also noticed a more closed style on release. Needs a few years. Mas D’en Compte makes a killer Blanco as well, but again, needs a few years first.

Also +1 on the Trio Infernal 2/3. That wine smokes. I greatly prefer the Carignan and Bordeaux variety driven Priorats to the Grenache based stuff, Mas Alta being the exception (Cambie’s trained hand to thank for that). I got burned out on the Mas Doix and Clos Erasmus stuff.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Anyone try any of the Parmi wines? I think the 2005 vintage was their inaugural. I id purchase some of these from Garagiste last year, but have yet to take delivery and try any.


I have tried
Miguel Torres Perpetual-Salmos
Mas Doix Costers de Vinyes Velles
Celler Mas Doix S.L. Salanques
an really liked them, out of these Miguel Torres Perpetual-Salmos 2005 was the best and even it is very highly rated in our wine database.

Another vote for Mogador, as well as the ‘Manyetes’ bottling from Mogador. I don’t think it is a second wine.

I’ve always found the wines from Rotllan Torra to be very Bretty. The 97 Tirant was practically undrinkable.

I haven’t tried them yet, but I bought a few from Garagiste, so I know that they will be “spectacular” because “there is a new sheriff in town” and that the Martina, in particular is a “megalith” that “if you could take a blowtorch to fossilized grapes and melt them in an industrial revolution iron smelter with solid road tar and a smattering of Partaga ash, it would be” the Martina. [swoon.gif]


None. pileon

Had a few decent wines but by and large these are just not for me…

Still waiting to be blown away… I guess.