Favorite Pretzel?

A local restaurant near me has delicious pretzel as an appetizer, which I order with my margarita. When I was commuting to and from New York, I used to get a pretzel just about every day before commuting home on the train. What are your favorite pretzels? I prefer mine, soft and chewy rather than hard.

The best pretzel I ever had was a fresh-baked pretzel at Hofbräuhaus with a liter of Helles bier. :yum:


Outside Oktoberfest…

Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten
(732) 997-8767

High Park Tap House
(949) 215-3600

High Park Tap House - Google Suche

Asbury place flies them in from Munich daily…

High Park is down the street and they are SHOCKINGLY good.

From the pretzel guy at the farmer’s market in Altstadt Salzburg.

Mai Bock for me! :grinning:

Soft . I do like Philly Pretzel Factory.

Hard. Shuey’s from Lancaster PA.

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A good NY soft pretzel works for me.

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Best hard are Unique Splits from Reading, PA.

The Bavarian style brown crust outside, soft inside ones that get dipped in a lye bath prior to baking and have malt powder in the recipe. I like them with a good mustard.

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Any recommendations on where to buy online