Favorite (non-psychedelic) mushrooms to eat?

Starting to get more into mushrooms for their taste and health benefits. Not balling in the truffle zone anytime soon, but definitely have Cremini as a go-to and starting to branch out into Shiitake. Any others you enjoy? Expecting Portabello and Oyster to come up but almost never find myself eating them.

Also, bonus points for anyone with a good magic mushroom trip story. [wow.gif]

Porcini/cepes. I use shiitake, maitake, oysters, king oysters, chanterelle, lobster and morel mushrooms regularly

For anyone who has the time, this is a fascinating deep dive into all things fungi:

Morel and Chanterelle.


It will be foraged mushroom season very soon although Minnesota will be delayed with the storms of late. Morel, porcini, and chanterelle are the biggies. I had a giant morel simply sauteed last year that tasted exactly like a pan seared smash burger, they are incredible. Hawk wings will be coming soon and they are also very impressive with an earthy savory profile. Very prolific here in the mid-upper west.

Probably porcini or chanterelle. But I like many kinds.

This was the best year I’ve ever seen for central California chanterelle foraging. I’m almost sick of them from eating so many but they are near the top of my favorites. Lion’s Mane were also plentiful and has become one of my new favorites. Morels probably retain their #1 slot. Porcini as well, and something about the texture and flavor of enoki mushrooms puts them in my top 10 list.

Those are all good and ones I regularly use, except for oysters. Also, black trumpets (aka black chanterelles), and sometimes abalone.


Morels are my favorites, followed by black trumpets and wood ear.

Grateful Dead show. Giants Stadium. June 1991. I probably should write a book about it. [wink.gif]

I’ll play. In this order

  1. Porcini
  2. Morels
  3. Chanterelles
  4. Maitake

    But I buy oyster mushrooms more than any of those because they’re reasonably priced and still taste really good. And my local mushroom guy has them all the time whereas the others are hit or miss. The ones imported from China in our local Asian market aren’t as good.

Farmers market starts up again in just 2 weeks…

Morels but like almost any mushroom.

How do you guys like to prepare them? I usually find myself sautéing them in butter with a pinch of salt and then topping them with a red wine and “steak juice” reduction served alongside said pan fried steak.

Morels? We saute them in butter & serve over asparagus or meat. We’ve made soup. Also make cream based mushroom sauces over meat or noodles. Our favorite way is likely to simply lightly flour and pan fry the in oil + salt and pepper.


Porcini, grilled. The balance, sautéed (usually) with garlic or shallots and thyme.

I also make a mixed mushroom and collard gumbo for my vegetarian wife and mushroom barley soup in the winter

And I don’t share my magic mushroom stories for free

Matsutake deserves mention, one of the best.

Chicken Mushrooms.

I love maitakes (aka Hen of the Woods). This is a great recipe from Veg in Philadelphia - Seared Maitake Mushrooms Recipe | Bon Appétit.

The Offs and Third World at Keystone, Berkeley circa 1981

I agree, but only if someone else is doing the preparation.

I’m not much of a hand at soups.

Usually sauteed with a mix of olive oil and butter, a dash of fish sauce, and possibly some minced garlic.

For morels more likely to cream them.