Favorite hamburger buns in nyc or available here?

So just placed an order with Bryan, got two different blends for the weekend in the mountains. But now the question is where do I buy buns for burger meat with such fine pedigree? I am in nyc so I was leaning towards Blue Ribbon Bakery which NY mag said were the best but any other suggestions would be appreciated! I was also thinking about maybe getting some english muffins but I do want a more traditional bun as well. Thanks in advance!

A nice brioche-based bun?

I do love me some brioche. Last time we did burgers up there I found these little brioche buns at Whole foods and we made sliders out of them but I want a full size bun this time. To continue on, any favorite brioche buns in nyc? I

Not sure if there is any inspiration hiding in here: Flannery Beta Burger test - Epicurean Exploits - Food and Recipes - WineBerserkers" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Thanks Eric!

Well I did get the idea of pretzel buns but more importantly the conversation about mayo cracked me up.

Keep your buns dry. Very important.


I get very nice brioche burger buns in Fairway Market, yes…Fairway.

Had a cab v. bordeaux dinner earlier this month at Lenny Fox’s home, and I brought these. Big hit with the Wagyu beef-burgers I made for the group.

The bordeaux…not so much. [smileyvault-ban.gif]

the brioche buns made by Eli Zabar sold at Fairway are excellent

That’s them!

Whatever USC uses.

Going to try and get to fairway, gosh I wish there was one on the east side…



Tried the Macrina brioche rolls? They are very good. Cyclops, in Belltown, uses them to great results.

I like those rolls a lot. Sadly, since we keep kosher, I can’t use them myself at home for a burger (butter). But my top choice is always in that direction.

Hate to admit it (because Eli Zabar is THE modern age gouger of NYC) but Suzanne is right. Had them a couple of weekends ago. Awesome.

Shake Shack uses Martin’s potato buns available in grocery stores in NYC.

Wilfred, does Martins make brioche? All ever see is potato breads.

No, no brioche. But their potato rolls are what seems to work for Shake Shack, and if you want an authentic Shack burger, it must be made with a Martin’s potato roll.

That said, I love brioche but it tastes, with the burger, just a touch too rich for me. I also love a hamburger made with a pretzel roll.

The Martins Whole Wheat is all this family eats in slicing breads…