Favorite food matches with Vouvray

Lay em on me.

Really digging Vouvray and want to start pairing some dishes that will jive well.

French Onion Soup.

Yum, good one!

It should be nice.

Lobster, white fleshed fish, scallops, veal, chicken, goose, cream sauces, pork dishes, saucisson, rillettes, cheese, especially goat cheese, quince paste. An unbelievable match is an old vouvray with goat cheese drizzled with acacia honey.

Vouvray is one of the most versatile and food friendly wines out there. Perhaps if you stop drinking that Champagne and Burgundy swill with Abood everytime you come here, we can drink some Vouvray. It might force Michel to get some good wine for a change…


Seared scallops or grilled lobster pair well.

How about shrimp?

Perhaps if you stop drinking that Champagne and Burgundy swill

Blasphemer! Crucify him, crucify him!! [grin.gif]

I’d definitely be up for some Vouvray one of these trips…

Quiche Tourangelle.

So I tried a 2005 Huët Demi-Sec Clos du Bourg with a shrimp/asparagus/parmesan/butter/lemon peel dish tonight, pretty damn tasty.

Bringing one to poker Sunday to go with crab.

Beautiful wine, I didnt understand the CT notes about it being flabby, though I’m a Vouvray rook. While not enamel-stripping, there was a bunch of acidity that matched the citrus from the lemon and cut through the buttery-ness.

Will have to try with lobster soon.

I know Quiche, tell me about Tourangelle…

It’s not flabby at all. It’s just not the '02, which a lot of people compare it to. It is riper and a little lower acid than the '02’s, but the '02’s are about as good as demi-sec get.

Btw, there’s a difference between Huet and just Vouvray. Huet goes with everything.

Lots of good matches already posted (to be expected with Brad on the thread). One I discovered by accident when I brought an '85 Huet demi to Periyali a few years back is grilled octopus. Perfect combination.